Dina Manzo to Star in Reality TV Show

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Dina Manzo, who left The Real Housewives of New Jersey halfway into season two in order to get away from Danielle Staub, has landed her very own reality show.

We'll give you a few moments to calm down over this exciting news...

Dina Manzo Photograph

In her new HGTV series, Manzo and the rest of her Design Affairs company will put together lavish events inside the houses of their clients' homes. Yes, it's a weekly program centered around rich people throwing parties. It will premiere in September.

Said the network's general manager, Kathleen Finch:"Dina is an accomplished interior designer and also runs a thriving event planning business - her Real Housewives fans will be surprised to see this side of her."

[Photo: WENN.com]


i think she is gorgeous and everyone who has negative things to say is just jealous.


I am so excited that Dina is coming back in any form. One of the things I loved about her was her sense of style, beautiful jewelry & beautifully decorated home that was an added plus to her appearancee on Real Housewives. I was disapointed that she didn't return to Real Housewives this season and am now elated about the stye show that will really show her talents!


Poor girl Dina can't match. Her outfit does not match and her cosmetic procedures don't match either. The teeth are too big, the lips are too puffy, and all the other implants are not coordinated either. How is she going to design a room?


Oh my, what a joke. Dina (i'm so stuck on myself) Manzo is so plastic. Those fake curves, lips, and hair. What will her show be called - The Tell me How Beautiful I Think I Am Hour??? Maybe Dina will light some candles rub some crystals and try to contact the dead. Or maybe Dina's pal Teresa will come on to tear apart a room like a wild animal. Whatever, I'm sure it will suck if she's in it.


OMG!that should be a good show. as long as the rest of the family doesnt get involved.lol love! them all. she is going to be the most stylish designer on tv...


Hysterically LOL! What IS she wearing?