Brooke Mueller: Spotted at Pawn Shop, Possibly Missing, Definitely Off the Rails

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Charlie Sheen has gone off the rails, but Brooke Mueller is giving him a run for his money and then some. This new story about the ex-Mrs. Sheen is amazing.

According to TMZ, Brooke walked into a pawn shop in Inglewood, Calif., yesterday morning, trying to hock an expensive men's watch and a stereo.

Real normal.

An employee at the shop, Jack Feldman, says Brooke desperately wanted cash for the items, but the store did not oblige because she lacked a valid ID.

In the surveillance footage from the store, Brooke Mueller nervously and anxiously paces around the store while the employees check out the items.

She certainly shouldn't need cash - she's getting $55,000 a month in child support ON TOP of the multi-million dollar divorce settlement from Charlie.

Brooke's mom is taking care of their twins. Thank goodness.

Mueller has not been reached for comment, but her mom, Moira Fiore claims there's an explanation for Brooke's bizarre behavior in the pawn shop.

Her daughter was probably selling off some stuff for a friend .... AS A FAVOR, Moira says. Likely story. Brooke's friends say that's BS - and she's MIA!

Seriously, no one knows where she is and her phone is off.

Brooke's mom is adamant that she knows where Brooke is, though when asked about Brooke's drug use, she "didn't know anything." Stay tuned ...

UPDATE: Mueller has hours to resurface. She is scheduled to take a mandatory drug test at 6 p.m., and her child custody hangs in the balance.

Charlie Sheen and Brooke each agreed to take random drug tests as a part of the custody settlement they hammered out earlier this year.

If Brooke doesn't show, the test will be considered failed by default.

Several of Brooke's friends fear she's fallen off the wagon and she's completely disappeared. We can only hope she's alright and gets help.

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Brooke Mueller is giving someone intense competition for the title of Gross Baboon. Can you guess the celebutard? Find out who's 15 minutes are quickly fizzling away @imeanwhat


i have a problem with grandma covering for drug addict daughter. it doesn't appear that anyone is putting these two kids' best interest at heart. Brooke should not have access to these kids, and a grandma like that will most definitley make sure that Brooke gets whatever she wants. not a safe situation for the babies. If these people were not celebs, the kids would be in foster care.


Those 2 little boys need at least 1 stable parent, starting to look like that may never be. Poor kids. Damn it these 2 need to start thinking about their kids!!


She's been around Charlie too much. He's starting to wear off on her.