Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller Finalize Custody Arrangement

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Poor little Bob and Max now know with which troubled parent they'll be spending time over the next few months.

Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller hammered out their custody agreement in Los Angeles County Superior Court yesterday, finalizing the following details regarding these twins:

A True Winner
Brooke Goes Public
  • Both parents much submit to random drug testing three times/month.
  • A nanny must be present at all times, no matter who has custody.
  • Sheen will watch the children every other weekend for two months; then every weekend for the next two months, culminating in even more time with them if he remains drug and alcohol free.
  • Neither Brooke nor Charlie can be photographed with Bob, Max... and any romantic partner. Tough break for the goddesses.

If both of these so called parents thought about what they were doing to these poor boys they would hang their heads in shame! Neither is allowed to be with their children without a nanny? These 2 kids need at least 1 stable, loving parent to provide a safe and nurturing home. We all know that's not going to be Charlie Sheen so Brooke better get herself together damn fast before it's too late. Why do people have children in the first place if they are not ready and able to be selfless enough to parent them? I would be devastated if a court told me I had to have a nanny present to be with my kids yet these 2 don't seem to think it odd. I hope those boys are ok.


These children are the victims in this situation. They have 2 parents that have yet to take responsibility for their actions. I pray that both parents will become serious & determined to conquer drug/alcohol addiction & truly embark on the turmultous journey that sobriety can often times present. Charlie has got to stop being in denial & choose LIFE rather than a slow but certain death. Ppl really need to stop encouraging his incoherent rants & badboy persona.


No. They just can't take photos that include both their kids and their partners. This I think was mainly to keep Charlie from using his "goddesses" to make Brooke feel worse about letting the kids be with him. Possibly also to keep CS from using those pictures for publicity, but he doesn't seem to want to throw his kids into the limelight.


wait,,, no parent can be photographed with there child?
So weird.....

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