Bristol Palin Making BANK as Teen Pregnancy Spokeswoman

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Bristol Palin isn't merely famous because she got knocked up by Levi Johnston as a teenager. She's also rich, earning more than $262,000 in 2009 alone.

How, you ask? In her role as a spokesperson for teen pregnancy prevention.  

The former Dancing With the Stars finalist became an ambassador for The Candie’s Foundation in 2009 at age 18, a few months after son Tripp was born.

It's been as lucrative a gig as it is a ridiculous one, according to reports.

B-Palin's Bailin'

Ahhhhhmmmm rich!!!!!!!!

The foundation’s website says Bristol Palin "plays an important role by helping other teens understand the incredible challenges teen parents face."

The daughter of Sarah Palin helps do this by "encouraging them to wait until they are socially and financially independent to start their families.”

Bristol is still working for the organization.

An admirable cause, but is Bristol a good advocate? Airing re-runs of Teen Mom would be simpler, more effective birth control. Those girls are messes!


I don't believe people dislike this woman because she is an unwed mother - it's because she is trying to portray and pretends and at the end of the day getting paid to be something she is not an "Abstinence preacher", who the hell believes this crap? This is not a good example for teenage girls!


@Blaize - While I agree with everything you have said, I am that "Christian/Conservative" you speak about.
I do NOT judge, I merely am thankful that she chose to keep the baby instead of aborting it.
I believe there are ALL TYPES of people in this world that are extremely judgmental, however, to blame it on a "certain" type of belief and/or political stance, is just not rational thinking.


To be honest with you all and please keep in mind, that this is only my personal opinion. However, at least Bristol chose to keep the child, as opposed to aborting it. While I do agree with the majority of people that have commented, she has never truly struggled, I commend her for not murdering her unborn fetus. Again, this is strictly My Opinion ;)


I find it a bit hypocritical that an unwed mother who still sleeps with every man she dates has the nerve to get paid for selling her horse and pony abstinence show.


I cant beleive those people who hired her dont see its the most hypocritical thing a person could do. She gets knocked up and then goes around saying how hard it is when her mom and ENTIRE family help her with everything for that kid. She doesnt know the first thing about being a real teen mom. I totally aggree with freespirit. No one is judging her because she chose to be sexually active. But how can she expect to not have a bit of back lash for this????? I wonder how little Tripp is gonna feel when he grows up and finds out his mother has been preaching that that little miracle of life was a "bad decision". Fuck you Bristol. Be a little more productive with your life. Like BEING A GOOD MOTHER!!


Nothing more then a opening act for Charlie Sheen---Please go away---


$262!!!! In one year!!! For a part time job!!! Just one small reason why our country is in massive debt. PS - Isn't her mother one of the people who claim that our government wastes too much money? I smell hypocrisy in the air.


Remember when Fox News Greta was interviewing Bristol who was giving her opinion that abstinence is "totally unrealistic"….until Sarah burst in to the room putting an end to that interview? Bristol sure learned fast how much dough she could rake in by taking her mother's advice. I wonder what Bristol REALLY thinks about her mother support for DE-funding Planned Parenthood? I bet she would tell us her true thoughts - - if someone paid her enough $$ to flip-flop again that is. Just like Mommie!


Society is so quick to label young women as whores for exercising their sexual RIGHTS. @Floridagrammy and Janet Bryant: Both of you are self righteous prudes. Just because a young woman is unmarried doesn't mean that she doesn't have the right to have sex, and abstinence isn't for every body. Just because somebody chooses sex before marriage doesn't mean she's a whore. Spare us the judeo christian/conservative bull. I'm not a fan of Bristol Palin at all, but I don't think people should judge her so harshly for being a teen mom.


I am sick to think my donation to this group was given to that stupid under-age unwed foolish mother...I taught my daughter to use her brain not her body to get daughter would make a far better person to speak about mother-hood later in life...I am going to ask and demand my donation back...


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