Angelina Jolie to Adopt Seventh Child? New Tattoo Prompts Speculation

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Is Angelina Jolie ready to adopt once again?

During her U.N. goodwill trip to the Tunisia-Libya border this week, the actress was photographed showing a tattoo of a new set of map coordinates on her arm.

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The coordinates, as you probably know, mark the birthplaces of her six children - the first three adopted, the next three biological with partner Brad Pitt.

So is #7 on the way?

It's unclear, although the numbers are there. The coordinates are hard to read, but the North African region Jolie is visiting would be an appropriate choice.

A source close to Jolie warns not to read too much into her skin art, but you have to wonder. It does fit the pattern of the other SIX TATTOOS right there.

Those coordinates mark the births of:

  • Maddox, 9, from Cambodia
  • Pax, 7, from Vietnam
  • Zahara, 6, from Ethiopia
  • Shiloh, 4, born in Namibia
  • Vivienne and Knox, 2 born in France

What do you think? Is a Libyan refugee about to join the family? Is there any celebrity cooler than Angelina Jolie? Sound off in the comments below.

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I wish I had Brad Pitts looks ,and a beautiful wife who loves to adopt underprvilege children from third world countries.


Kids were rescued and given a chance at a decent life instead of the horrific life that was ahead of them...who cares of the intentions behind the adoptions! whether it was for publicity or not... or if they white, black, America, Asian,!!!...etc KIDS were given a chance!!! period! You people are so full of hate and because of that you have missed what is important.....KIDS!!the way I see it the life they now have because of the adoption is much better than the one they were having. PEOPLE GET A MORE PRODUCTIVE LIFE!!then you wouldn't have as much time to bitch about "tattoos" or "veins" etc..geez!!!!


Okay there are alot more important things going on in the world than weather or not she is going to adopt another child! And if she does good for her, but she really needs to be truefull about why she doesn't adopt childern from America. And if she is just looking for the attention from the media then why not start helping the couples that want kids but can't have them or even afford to adopt them. I have two great boys, they wanted another sibling but I can't have any more kids so we looked into adopting and it is so expensive that I could so instead we donated what we could towards the cost of the adoption, just so that that child would have a better chance at getting adopted....


I think Angelina is soooooo cute. She needs to adopt me. I wouldn't be on her map 'cause I'm white an a little too American for her though. That's ok, I can keep her from ever wanting to adopt again.


Angelina and Brad, along with Jennifer are all actors, hence they have no real conception of reality, hence the adoption of babies from poor countries, ie. cheap spending instead of expensive spending here in the USA. Love? Not a chance, money is not love, as Love to them is just an act.


i think she is ridiculous


I remember an interview she did a few years ago where she stated she would adopt another black baby. She felt that her white and asain kids had another sibling that resemble them, but Zahara did not. She may choose to adopt from Libya to have pairs of races. With the exception of the twins.


I just wish there were more actors/actresses/humans in the world that care as much as they do. Its simply refreshing, to see someone in such a public light, doing something for others and not being spoiled, snobby, "stars" complaining about their last mani/pedi. People who do not understand what they do cannot help they are ignorant i guess. I say good for you Brad & Angelina for trying to make a difference!


Who really cares what the latest Tattoo signifies anyway. I think Tattoos will look pretty disgusting on any woman when she gets old. And, I feel she only hangs on to Brad because of Jennifer. Whatever, who cares, it doesn't affect my life.


What's with the veins?!! too much heavy(baby) lifting I guess. I like her.