Former SNL Cast Member Slams Glee for Intolerance, Gay Kiss

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Victoria Jackson has sounded off again.

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    Do everyone a favor - if you don't like what you see, TURN THE CHANNEL. It's YOUR fault if you keep watching gay themes on television. But it makes you feel better to just blame everyone else but yourself, doesn't it? Please.. I don't even know why I'm writing this. You people will never change. Always looking for an enemy, rather than a friend... no..looking for a friend might be something Christ would do. Couldn't have you acting like the main character you base your existence on, could we?


    Who cares about Victoria Jackson?

    I think it's interesting to read on this board that even today people are still against homosexuality. And BY THE WAY, in regards to having gay themes in the media being "shoved down your throats", remember, we gays have had to live our entire lives with your heterosexual lifestyles shoved down our throats. We have suffered for so many years and now, when we finally have a chance to be ourselves, it's "too much" and "being shoved down our throats". Well get over yourselves. You're too self-righteous to acknowledge that we're all HUMANS and our rights equal yours, whether your intolerant, bigoted, indecisive zealot books written 2 millenia ago (and changed by almost every king that ever lived to suit his social needs) says so or not.


    I agree you are correct this is going so far over the top, and by the way I am so sick of seeing gay this and that in just about everything on TV... we need a gay break we really do


    It breaks my heart when people say that something as innocent and simple as a kiss is "sickening" and "gross". I was glad to see the boys' kiss, not only for them but because of the wonderful response it got. There will always be narrow-minded bigots in the world that possess a bitter hatred for bisexuals and homosexuals, but this episode's positive reception gave me hope that someday people like me won't have to be afraid of those bigots.
    And even if you disagree with my lifestyle and my feelings, even if you think it's a sin, as it's been said, "Hate the sin, not the sinner." I am who I was born to be, and I'm proud.


    I gotta say, back in the day, S.N.L. was no stranger to some contraversial stuff. I just saw that Elizabeth Taylor died, wonder what she might say about that since, in her day Liz was a pioneer and a maverick. Everything starts somewhere if it weren't for trying anything new, we wouldn't have cars and puters, we wouldn't have seen some of the best movies ever made because of there content IE: Gone With The Wind etc; or even SNL, then we wouldn't be hearing her bigotted drivel.


    Busy parents lack valuable time to bother commenting on these things, or even read them, but I believe most would completely agree.. Cancel the Glee please!!!


    I used to like Victoria Jackson until I realized how intollerant she is.


    I LOVE GLEE,it's a movie to watch


    I don't watch GLEE but if I did, that would have been the last episode for me. I have a choice and I choose not to support that kind of behavior on TV or real life.


    I think it's interesting that she goes from talking about big topics like the president, to which groups want to "destroy America", to an episode of Glee. It's like she just wanted to find a reason to go after homosexuality. Weird.

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