Extended Teen Wolf Trailer: Scary or Stupid?

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Teen Wolf is coming to MTV.

As teased in the first trailer for this upcoming drama, the network is updating the Michael J. Fox film from the 1980s, airing 12 episodes of a series that features Tyler Posey as a newly-bitten high school student.

An extended preview for the show has been released, causing viewers to wonder: Will this be a success along the lines of Twilight or The Vampire Diaries? Or an embarrassing, unnecessary remake? Get a taste of what premieres on June 5 and decide for yourself...


This show is wack as fuck,strickly for gay niggas!


It looks really stupid and for some reason I HATE the Posey. I guess I'm just tired of all the fruit cakes that they show on TV these days. I'm a guy and I don't want he 'hero' to look like he is on PMS through out the show. If you look like I can kick your ass with minimum effort WTF do I need you around 'saving' me for.




It doesn't look terrible.