Emily Maynard: Moving to Austin For Brad?

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Things looked bleak on the After The Final Rose special, but Brad Womack and Emily Maynard swore they were still together and in this for the long haul.

The doubters may be proven wrong after all.

According to Life & Style, Emily Maynard has decided to make the move from North Carolina to Texas with her 5-year-old daughter, Ricki, to be with Brad!

Guess that movie date really won Ricki over ...

Emily, Brad and Pimp

Brad and Emily pose with their handsome Bachelor pimp.

"She feels like the best thing to do is to give this a real shot and put her heart into it by moving to Austin for the summer," an insider close to Emily said.

"She's going to get her own condo there. She's not moving in with him."

As for why Brad didn't move to Charlotte? It was his non-negotiable:

"Love is a compromise, but that's the only thing I was adamant about. I have some strong roots there. I don't want to relocate. I have a career in Austin."

What do you think? Will he and Emily make it?

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@ Carrie: you corrected @Riser with Ricky's family name from Hendricks to Hendrick. now, You again corrected @Patricia that his family name is not Henderson but Hendricks. is these details
are important? faking a$$$hole


Emily is not as nice as she look like. She simply want to win, once he had it Brad is gone. Just want partying with him to stay a little more on her five minutes fame. I think she said whatever she want to say and hurt his feeling all the time. Brad should stay away from her no one is deserve to be treated that way. A lot of women will beg for your love, she treated you like a second hand. You will never be happy with her, find someone who will respect and trust you. don't let her treated you that way. She's just faking you.


He should have picked Chantel O. They were much more suited for each other.


FYI Carrie: His last name is Hendrick, not Hendricks. These types of details are very important if you want your criticism to be taken seriously!


@Carrie: who cares if Ricky's name was misspelled, are u an Emily Troll or something?


Emily not only fooled Brad with her passive aggresiveness, but she also fooled the rest of America!!!! NOW "NOW" she's upset at what happened on the show!???v HELLO u were there while he was dating all those women and u saw all the times he went to pick-up the dates!!!! It didn't seem to bother u then, WHY NOW???? I hope Brad finds true love with a real woman!!!


She is the FAKEST BYTCH - have ever seen!!! She just wanted to either be the runner up or win!!! SHOW BIZ SHOW BIZ for Emily - acts sooo shy!!! WHATEVER!!!


FYI Patricia his last name is Hendricks not Henderson. These details are important if you want people to take you seriously.


Emily is a gold digger. It not going to work. Just like it didn't work with all the race car drivers she has been with since Ricky Henderson has passed.


why is she not moving in with him? Perhaps it is for her daughter's sake but isn't she going to get attached to him anyway ? I think they should be focusing on whether this relationship will work out and then have the daughter involved.

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