Did Jacob Lusk Blow the Whole Thing?

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Jacob Lusk has a tendency to be overly dramatic on American Idol. It's what has made this season 10 finalist a polarizing singer.

It's also what concerned Jimmy Iovine last night, as the producer was afraid Lusk's style would negatively affect his cover of "Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word" and Jacob might "blow the whole thing."

J. Lo thought the rendition was "beautiful," while Steven Tyler said both halves of the song just "blew me away." Do you agree? Or was there almost too much emotion in this performance? Watch and decide.

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way too dramatic and he needs to stop crying he should go


He is overly dramatic, but he just needs some guidance. He will blow us all away when he learns more control. Who has a rnage like that? I mean seriously...who? Jacob Lusk...that's who.


En Colombia a eso le llamamos cantar con sentimiente, sentir la letra y cantar desde el corazon... Felicitaciones Jacob


I have stepped foot in a Southern Church, have been known to place a bet now and then and am not dramatic at all. This is not personal about the person posting (Liz) just a matter of opinion. I happen to agree with Liz. I appreciate his talent but think his singing and facial expressions are plain weird.


I don't like how he does that shoulder shake.


he is wayy too flaming, i get turned off


Sorry Liz. I feel You are Way Too Dramatic. What I grabbed from Jacob was a gay man who was feeling the moment in a personal way. Your answer is foolish because he comes from a gospel background, and no slight to you but I can tell you have never Stepped foot in a Southern church. You also do not seem like a betting woman being a catholic, but if you were, I'd place my bet on Jacob all....the.....way.


WAY too dramatic! Was like watching a broadway musical!