Billy Ray Cyrus: My Divorce is Off!

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During an appearance on The View that will air today, Billy Ray Cyrus made a startling announcement: he said he's called off his divorce from wife Tish.

"I want to put my family back together," he told the hosts and the audience, adding: "Things are the best they've ever been."

Billy Ray Cyrus on The View

That's quite the departure from how things have been recently, considering the interview Billy Ray gave to GQ last month in which he blamed Hannah Montana for destroying his family and said Satan was attacking Miley.

But Billy Ray claims things are much better now: "I feel like I got my Miley back in a way," he said during yesterday's taping. "I feel like we are the daddy and daughter that we were before
Hannah Montana happened."

In October, Billy Ray and wife Tish issued a joint statement announcing plans to end a 17-year marriage. Miley has often been seen out with her mom since then - often defending her from paparazzi - but sources say she hasn't spoken to her dad in months.

We'd be very happy for the family if that's changed, but we also must be a bit hesitant to believe anything Billy Ray says. The man has proven to often be full of it.

UPDATE: Billy Ray has officially filed the proper paperwork in Williamson County, Tennessee, stating, "The parties are attempting a reconciliation."


wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww honey pls i need u


iam glad they didn't get a divoce .they are a good family .good luck to his family .your fan janet


wow that is so awesome miley praying does help,i hope you and your family has a blessed day


people these arwe a bunch of millionaires, not longer youor next door neighbor, miley makes an average of over 125 million a year abd her dad is luchky to make 300,000 from appearences now. that's their problem. but all in all they are both filthy rich and even though billy has lived in your shoes his daughter has not and has nothing in common with yuo


billy do yuo really think we give a rats ass about yuor divorce. it's your great looking daughter we are interested in not yuo or operah. marry her


its good to hear that his trying to bring the family back together i hope this is true and i wish them the best


glad to hear that after all the problems miley had went thru she needs a family behind her back supporting her. hope luck is coming her way and she start to get back to track again


Am glad, miley needs her family united to help her be herself again and not be trying her best to get the attention out of her braking family doing insane things.


It's "The Fonz!"


"...he should of never gone on tv to tell the world--if Hannah has a problem..." Although that should be "he should HAVE never gone on...", I agree with you. Blaming the children is the worst of the worst, in my opinion. And if Miley hadn't been bringing in a paycheck, who would have been cause he's not made much $$$ since we got sick of hearing Achey Breaky Hart.

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