Vienna Girardi: Dating Kasey Kahl?

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Vienna Girardi was recently involved in some beef with Gia Allemand over Bachelor castoff Wes Hayden, who dated the latter before being linked to the former.

Now Vienna, who won last season of The Bachelor only to split up with Jake Pavelka about 45 minutes later, is supposedly dating another Bachelorette reject.

That reject is Kasey Kahl. The "guard and protect your heart" dude.


It's a tough call to determine who's more annoying here!

According to Star (we know, we know), they were all over each other at Sharkeez Bar in Manhattan Beach, Calif., on Sunday. Vienna? Never one to take it slow.

"They were there for the Super Bowl but their eyes were hardly on the TV. They kept stealing kisses and were holding hands," says the onlooker at the bar.

"It seemed like it was much more than a one-night fling."

It seemed like more than that? Okay, we're convinced. In similar news that's actually been confirmed, Chris Lambton and Peyton Wright are officially a couple!


so lame. Trying to make a buck off ABC, noone cares, they are both huge losers with bad breath


They are both looking for fame the lame way. Both are so ugly they deserve each other


Just saw them together at Villa Blanca.


OMG! When will this chick go away? She is looking for fame and a meal ticket. One night stands are her forte'. Just ask her ex husband. She is all about a free ride in more ways than one but once you hook up with her, its gonna cost you more than you want to pay!!!!


Yes,they are dating! Just saw them at Valentines Day dinner at Rosa's in Pismo Beach, CA.

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