Pau Gasol: Denying Entry Passes, Lindsay Lohan

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L.A. Lakers star Pau Gasol is a defensive force, flummoxing foes nightly with his long arms, basketball IQ and surprising quickness for a big man.

The man routinely denies NBA centers, so you can imagine how easily he dispatched another star trying to step into his house: Lindsay Lohan.

The troubled actress made a late night dash over to the Sunset Marquis in hopes of partying at Gasol's NBA soiree Friday, but was swiftly rejected.

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GET THAT OUT: Pau Gasol smartly defended his position.

"The guest list was pretty specific, so there wasn't much leniency," said a source." But if I'm being honest here, Lindsay is seen as too much trouble."

"That's the reason she wasn't allowed in. If it had been someone else with a better reputation there is no doubt they would have made an exception."

Hard to blame Pau for not wanting expensive stuff stolen. You know NBA players and bling. It'd be like letting Lindsay Lohan loose in a jewelry store.

Or something.

Lohan did not put up a fight, according to reports, but became unsettled at being turned away and began wandering aimlessly through the lobby.

"She could have just gone to the Bar 1200 which was right there in the lobby. But she began acting a little strangely instead," said the insider.

"We thought perhaps she had a room there - or that one of the friends with her did - because she headed for the elevators, rode them up and down for about 10 minutes before going down to the parking garage and heading out that way.

Ah, the classic "pretend you're busy with somewhere to be" bit. Nice one.

For someone taking her sobriety seriously (or so she claims), the alleged necklace bandit has been awfully active on the nightlife scene lately.

The previous night, she stopped by Teddy's nightclub at the Roosevelt Hotel. All we know is that she ended up in bed with Samantha Ronson.


Sam Ronson looks like she needs sleep! With those dark circles under her eyes my god! She is not cute


This is funny to me. Then to behave nonchalantly as though it was what she expected. LOL


Lindsay claims she is saying no to drugs and booze. In my experience, if you are talking to your drugs and booze... you're probably still using them.


(*Crickets LTAO*)


It does not matter if her parents are good or bad, Lindsay Lohan is a self-exploited spoiled brat who does stupid and irresponsible acts to get attention. There are many people in this world who have had worse parents and experienced a lot of tragedy far worse than Lindsay Lohan, and they picked themselves up and made their own way in life. Lindsay needs the cameras turned away from her in another direction on more deserving peoplethen she would get down off of her "2 inch pedestal and grow up.....get a life Lindsay by quit thinking of yourself and go find someone who really deserves a break in life!


Well, she does in fact have VERY BAD PARENTS, and she claims that she was "not brought up to lie, cheat, or steal" just reinforces the LYING, CHEATING and STEALING all that much more. Lie much, Blohan? Steal much, Blohan?!?!? LMFAO!


No, pretty sure she does in fact have the worst parents ever


She does not have the 'worst parents in history'. She's got a dysfunctional family. Welcome to most of North America! She's an adult now and someone with a lot of resources to get better, if she chooses. That makes her so much more fortunate than most people. Out at clubs and still going with someone she did so much of her using with doesn't bode well, but if she stays sober today, it helps her chances with staying sober tomorrow. I wish her luck, but she has to change. "Keep doing what you did and you'll get what you got". As far as not getting into the party, who cares? It was probably her Higher Power.


I give her a month before she is back on drugs and liquor. She has the worst parents in history.


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