Natalie Kenly: Chronic Girl 2010, New Charlie Sheen Plaything

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Natalie Kenly has found something to keep her occupied until 4/20:

The 24-year old model is one of several women - along with Bree Olson and Brooke Mueller - who is currently vacationing with Charlie Sheen in the tropics.

At His Own Roast

Best known for her spreads in Cali Chronic X Magazine, Kenly was first identified by TMZ as the mystery woman who was spotted smooching the actor this week and who he's been telling pals is one of his many "goddesses." Really. We're not making any of this up.

A marijuana lover, Kenly was crowned "Chronic Girl 2010" by the publication. Its co-editor, Jeffrey Peterson, told TMZ that Sheen developed an interest in Natalie soon after seeing her on the cover of last year's February issue, pictured above.

Peterson even adds that Charlie has been "very romantic" when it comes to his courtship of Kenly. We can only assume this means he offered her the premium cocaine.

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Any "girl" that would go out with Sheen today, is out for the cash-ola and drugs. Compare these pics to her latest shots on TMZ... Two words, "METH MOUTH".


She may not do coke. But she does do Bree, Brooke and Charlie. It's great to live in America.


I went to high school with this girl....this is hilarious. She grew up from junior to senior slut.


I agree, she is nothing special to look at. she looks like a 12 year old boy in his sister's swimsuit! where are the boobs?!?


She does coke. Look at her. I don't think she is anything to look at.


She might not do coke. Why say that she does if you don't know? She's a nice girl and just wants some fun for a while. Sheen must be really funny when he's all wasted. He's sort of funny sometimes


once he dies his biography is definitly going to be worth reading.


Just because the chick smokes weed doesn't mean she does coke!

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