Charlie Sheen, Brooke Mueller, Bree Olson & Natalie Kenly: Vacation Bound!

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Charlie Sheen needs a break from not working. He's reportedly headed to the tropics, and is won't be vacationing there alone:

Insiders tell Radar Online that the actor is going away with a group that includes Brooke Mueller, Bree Olson and a woman named Natalie Kenly, possibly the mystery woman he was spotted kissing earlier this week.

This shocking/hilarious news breaks just hours after we learned Mueller was moving back in with the man who once threatened to kill her.

Sheen, Chuck
Brooke and Dad

"Charlie is back to his old self - and that's not a good thing," a source says. "[He] talked about building a porn family and now he's got these three women all living with him and taking off on vacation with him."

Backing up this story, Olson Tweeted last night: Going to a tropical wonder for a little while to relax with friends :) minimal tweets so hold tight! Be home soon babies!

Just try not to be home soon with babies, Bree. That was evidently a problem for another one of Sheen's porn star pals.

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Doesnt he have like 5 kids?! The poor sons are going to have a hard life growing up. Addiction runs in the blood. For the daughters . . . porn? Charlie prob isnt going to be alive to see any of that. Denial is his bff


AIPAC Neocon Controlled Media
smear Charlie Sheen for
Questioning 9/11.


i got ione word for everybody..... Money!!! it buys everything


How could Brooke do this?? She has mental & self esteem issues. She should have her babies removed. How many more women will he knock up? Shows he doesn't use protection. So gross. He can do what he wants, nothing surprises me, but the fact that Brooke is going with them is disgusting, have more respect for yourself.


HHAY Shoplive!!! Oh my god.. here I was reading this article and I was thinking to myself "hmmm, I should give myseldf a makeover indoors!!!" You are so on to me. ::::eye to eye::::


What the hell does brooke think about all these hookers in this home? Where are their babies? This is some whacky shit. And bree olsen,wasn't she goin around town tellin everyone charlie tried to kill her? I guess everyone does have a price


The fact that Paris and her parents are friends with this lost pathetic woman reflects just as poorly on their skanky values.


If this is true all I can say is EWWWW.....Why do all these women keep flocking to this guy that they know is a jackass and he admitts it? Stupid!!

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