Lindsay Lohan to Be Charged, Arraigned Tomorrow

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Lindsay Lohan will be charged with a single count of felony grand theft in an L.A. court Wednesday, stemming from her recent necklace caper.

She will be arraigned at 1:30 p.m., in person.

Lindsay will be charged with stealing a $2,500 necklace from an L.A. jewelry store. If convicted, she could be sent to California State prison.

La Lohan Life

Lindsay enjoying life on the outside. [Photo: Pacific Coast News]

Lohan will not be handcuffed and paraded in front of cameras prior to arraignment, but will simply surrender to the court when she shows up tomorrow.

After Lindsay is arraigned, she will be taken to the basement of the courthouse where she will officially add to our gallery of celebrity mug shots. Awesome.

Presumably, she will be granted bail by the judge and post it on the spot. We've been over this enough times with Lohan that we're pretty confident by now.

Further developments will be chronicled right here as they happen.


Just wish she'll take this as a learning experience!


We really need to consider the fact that maybe Lohan was seriously asking for attention when she stole the necklace....and instead of putting her through this, get her some serious counseling to break the habit....even negative attention is attention.


Just can't understand why someone who was given a sort of second chance by being on probation instead of going to jail keeps on doing this stupid shit. Knowing she is in the media spotlight, knowing she is being watched by a probation officer still she used drugs, drank,did not show up where she was supposed to and now (very likely) stole. I mean,if it were me I would not so much as speed or run a stop sign never mind all the shit she does. No one is out to get her. She knows exactly what she should and should not do,she just keeps doing the don'ts. I think she has run out of chances.


This girl will NEVER get better, she's too far gone - and she's gotten by with all of it because of enablers. Put her in prison and let her serve the way others that have broken the law/probation have served - end of story!!!


See!!!!i told evryone she was gonna turn herself in or something....AND That she would be added to the favorite celebrity mug-shots of 2011!


I wish Lindsay would get better and stop screwing things up for herself! :(


i feel no sympothy for her shes made her choices in life now she has to deal with them she was at the top of her game a few years ago but she threw it all away so yea she gets no sympothy frm me


Poor Lindsay
She can't catch a break, if she did this they need to put her in jail, if not leave the poor woman alone


Do you ppl not see the track marks on her arms?!

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