Lady Gaga Grammys Arrival: Incubating a Hoax?

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Before hatching on stage and performing "Born This Way," Lady Gaga claimed she spent days in the egg carried down the Grammy Awards red carpet.

Might there be a major crack in that story?

Just hours before the February 13 show, sources say that a mysterious blonde woman was being wheeled around in a clear coffin-like box backstage.

The woman was spotted backstage right around the time Gaga finished rehearsing for her performance. Was the star trying to remain out of sight?

Lady Gaga at the Grammys

Hours later, Gaga famously arrived inside of a weird alien egg vessel. Or did she? Was she simply hanging out in a coffin, only to incubate much later?

It matters little, of course. She still killed it on stage whenever she got inside the thing. But the time she spent inside before hatching is questionable.

Anyway, follow the jump for another look at her live performance!

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survivor - Then go to CNN and read the news, we are discussing Lady GaGa not the state of the world, lighten up. And BTW, she never named her fans that, they named themselves.


What a bunch of suckers!!! I watched GMA and saw the comment about the three days in the egg SHE WAS JOKING!!!!!! My God people will believe anything. It's called scarcasim people!!


I find it hilarious that people are dumb enough to think she was in the egg for three days. If you spent several hours today painting your house, you would casually tell people that you had been paiting "all day" which could be considered a lie since all day would mean you never stopped paiting to eat, sleep or pea. Gaga would have spent days and hours preparing for the performance including sitting inside the egg to practice. She would have wanted to be sure the microphone worked in there, gotten used to singing in there and to make sure her hat wouldn't get stuck in the door, among other things. To her it would feel like she had been in there for days. So what is the big stinking deal, folks? English is a messy language. It doesn't mean she lied or misled people.


Survivor, you're a total nutbag. That's about all I have to say. I hope you're a recovering addict and that's your excuse for spouting all that pretentious, puritanical lunacy.


Lady Gaga said herself she wasn't actually in the egg shown on the Grammy red carpet for 3 days. She stated on a radio interview (I believe in Canada) that she was in an "incubation process" for 3 days. She was in a some what meditation state to prepare for her debut performance of "Born This Way". The "box" she was seen before the show was a representation of a casket, symbolizing the death of "The Fame" and "The Fame Monster" era. It was another vessel incorporated in the 3 day incubation process leading up to the Grammys. She said she wasn't in the egg or "vessel" for 3 days, but only for a few hours. But what she means by staying in the egg for 3 days, actually means she was in the incubation state for 3 days to prepare for her performance, not just the egg alone. Get your facts straight before you try and make gossip.


Honestly.. you can love her, or hate her.. but I give her credit that one thing she doesn't do is lie. She admitted on national tv that she smokes dope. I really don't think she lie about something to tiny. I respect her as an artist and there's always people out there trying to destroy what she's trying to do. Even if she didn't spend 3 days in that egg.. I still love her, and everyone else probably will too!


It's a free world. she can do what she wants! and if people love her for being strange, then fine.


Thats a little far as i know,gaga never claimed 'little monsters' was's fan-made


I love ur comment so much.I love gaga like crazy,but the stunts n all the drama is getting to a nigerian,and we love sum gaga here.sing while sober n let's compare the 2 gagas.she is talented,but origina nah !!


Doesnt anyone find it just a little disturbing how forthright this woman is about her cocaine and pot use?? All you people out there taken in by the cult of GAGA are delusional. Shes an addict. Ur basic druggie. Her 'artistic' side is fueled by her love of the high she receives. Jim Morrison was 'artistic' too and look what happened to him. These 'stunts' she pulls are pathetic. She's not 0RIGINAL in the least. I mean HELLO she copycatted the term LITTLE M0NSTERS. We have all seen and remember well Howie Mandell and Fred Savage in the 80's classic 'Little Monsters'. So WTF GAGA? DRESSING LIKE CONDOMS ARRIVING IN ALIEN EGGS? STEALING PHRASES FROM M0VIES AND 0THER ARTISTS AND CLAIMING THEM 2 BE YOURS? She needs 2 sober up and AT LEAST tone it down a notch! Shes getting to damn out there 4 me. The ANTICS are lame! Id love to see her perform in a basic outfit and sober. Then id be impressed by her love of music. Shes a singer. SING ALREADY!! Stop taking all of the focus off your MUSIC.