Justin Bieber Movie Premiere Pics: On the Purple Carpet!

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The Los Angeles premiere of "Never Say Never" was a family affair last night.

While Justin Bieber smiled for the cameras, friends and fellow celebrities showed their support for the singer and his 3D biopic by showing up with their loved ones.

Usher brought his sons. Miley Cyrus took her sister. Will Smith was accompanied by his wife and pair of talented children. And, of course, a slew of Beliebers were in the crowd, screaming for Justin and holding signs:


Don't be jealous if you weren't in attendance, readers. THG puts you close to the adorable action via the following photos from the event, which include shots of stars posing on a purple carpet, from Justin's girlfriend to Rihanna's violent ex...

  • At Her Man's Premiere
  • On the Purple Carpet
  • Usher and Kids
  • Boo to Brown!
  • The Smith Family
  • Cyrus Siblings
  • Whitney P.
  • Premiere Sisters
  • Willow at Premiere
  • At His Own Premiere

[Photos: Splash News]

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i love u justin bieber i will die if i see uuu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


stay so like bieber !
ilmi bieber from indonesia !


Omg justin bieber is so cute and hot i love you jb 100%


omg omg omg he is so hot


I HATE JUSTIN BIEBER!!!!! JK I just dont have a crush on him i meen hes cute but not that cute. My bffs have a crush on him im a tomboy.I have a crush on......... Nobody.


Hes so cute hes a angel sent from above i saw the movie it was very exciteing


Wow. .
I can't wait to c it, ,
really wanna c it . .
It will b incridible ..


OMG I'm going to see never say never 3D so excited can't wait


It's really cool to see a movie come out that inspires kids to work hard and pursue their passions. with a real life story to back up everything. i know all the bieber haters will come on here and make jokes and insults about his hair, his voice, his music, his hype... or whatever. but this kid has been handling himself extremely well. anybody else would have cracked by now under the pressure and negativity. Props to Justin. I wish him the best of luck.


If Justin ur reading this can u plz come to somers ct

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