David Archuleta Released from Record Label Roster

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It's a sad day for David Archuleta.

The former American Idol runner-up, who captured the hearts of millions during his run to the finals against David Cook, has been dropped by Jive Records. Said a spokesperson for that company: "David was released from our roster."

David Archuleta, No Pants!

Despite his cute face and positive attitude, music is a business - and Archuleta's 2010 release, "The Other Side of Down," sold just over 63,000 copies. This was a massive drop from the nearly one million CDs David sold of his self-titled debut.

Now, more than ever, Archie will need the support of his fans. We encourage the musician to keep his head up and ask others to do the same.


Certainly would be nice if you got your facts straight before saying he was "dropped" by Jive. NOT true. David decided to move on, was offered by Jive but felt he needed a new direction. Research --don't print everything you read.


I love David's singing. I will always be there for him, but I do agree that his fans must step up to the plate and buy his albums. I'm shocked that the number wasn't higher. It doesn't make sense. I'm afraid we can hear David all too easily on iTunes and the computer. Come on fans, buy his music the right way. If all of David's fans, here in the U.S. and overseas, buy his albums, it will make a difference. Next album, I'm buying not only for me, but for my brother and sister as well.


David Archuleta is a prize. Part of this is the fault of his 'fans'. He has over a million fb friends, and is heralded everywhere he goes in the world, yet only 68,000 of us bought his disc? (I have previously heard 86k) What the heck? His so-called fans need to put up the bucks, in order for him to survive. I would buy his albums even if I hated his music, just to support him. The music is great, so where are the sales? Pony up people! Previous reports said he fought with his label to get this last album to be how he wanted it, so much was riding on it. His fans have failed him.


Wasn't dropped...it was a mutual parting. He posted a video blog explaining it..


"Are the rumors true that Jive's really melting down from the inside? One can only wonder." Well it would certainly make sense of some of the most erratic and ridiculous actions of any record company. A label which actually has a handle on the music industry needs to take over Jive asap!


Next in line: Kris Allen - 1st CD failed. Jordin Sparks - 2nd CD was a disaster. 1st single from 2nd CD was the only 1 that made it to the billboard and actually make good sales. She would get cut the minute she release a 3rd album. Crystal Bowersox - They're not even promoting for her. Jive is just waiting for her contract and Kris's to expires, then they won't resign them. Probably because Jive is getting shares from American Idol, that's why they have to sign somebody after the show's over. Crystal is cut after Kris because she got the contract after Kris, but will be cut for same reason.


This is a happy day for David Archuleta, he's free of Jive and will be snapped up by a label that supports and promotes his talent. "The Other Side of Down" is a really great album, but you can't buy it if you don't know it exists. Jive fail. I love the title track, "Elevator," "Stomping the Roses" and "My Kind of Perfect" ... check them out on iTunes! :)


David Archuleta is a brilliant singer and a prince of a person. The JIVE turkeys never seemed to "get" David, nor did they ever promote him. Sad day, in a way, but perhaps this is the best thing that could have happened for David Archuleta. David is still a star, and will always be, to the many around the world who truly cherish him.


big whoop hes just a game show contestant theres going to be another gazillion of the over the next few years. Youll all be crying over this years runner up in two years after he or she gets dropped as well


Hmmmmmm, Jack is it wishful expectations on your side or what?
Last time I heard, Kris Allen was in the studio recording for his second album.


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He's been my role model. Just a great person to look up to. He's been my big brother through this.

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He's given me a lot of good advice and helped me from making any dumb decisions. He understands more than anyone what I want in music, and I've felt really blessed to have someone like that.

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