Angelina Jolie Bestows Gift, Hidden Message Upon Brad Pitt

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It's no vial of blood, but Angelina Jolie has presented a very special gift to Brad Pitt, symbolizing their love and describing, intimately, how she feels about him:

A diamond pendant engraved with a microscopic love message.

Exactly what Angelina has written on it is a secret, its creator tells the Daily Mail: "I cannot tell you what it says, and you would need a microscope to read it."

Brad and Angelina Pic

The pendant is based on Ancient Egyptian amulets that contained hidden messages: "The technology is quite new ... The hidden message is lasered on."

UK-based jeweler Robert Procop says he's also partnering with her on a jewelery line called The Style Of Jolie. Wonder what style that is. Controlling?

What do you think the microscopic message on Brad's pendant says? We may never know for sure, but Star will come up with something good. Our ideas:

  • If you so much as look at Jen I will castrate you.
  • Sell this thing, feed 130 Haitian refugees.
  • Angelina: One Oscar. Brad: No Oscars.
  • I'm pregnant with triplets.

i would like to announce that Brad and Angelina Jolie are broken up and have been for a long time.


That pendant was given to him by his wife years ago. The wife he is still dating by the way . Angie had children with someone elses husband. she should not have done that. It is all a big show for everyone who is gullible.


Angelina Jolie: Put that table fork down, time, 6:16 evening time


Cute! I must admit that I legitimately do wonder what it says!! But I understand why they aren't really making it public it is something cute and private between the two of them! I hope that Brad has a microscope so he can see the message!! I agree stop hating on them! They are angels! Think about all those kids they are giving an amazing life. How many of YOU could raise SIX children??!?.... That's what I thought...


i did'nt believe angelina stole brad from jen,then and now. people should poke thier nose in thier business not other peoples own. at the end of the day,brad goes home angie not jen.


maybe they shouldn't be telling about the gift - if they didn't want people in their business! lol! jolie has stayed out of the limelight what two weeks - of course she has gotten to be heard or seen! most couples give each other personal gifts without letting the world know about it!


THG: We should have a caption contest for guessing what the message is like the great ones you have!! Maybe a message about how much money she has over Brad. Or how she does more charity shit than him. Or I'm leaving you for my brother and we are all moving to France where they love me! LOL


She didn't 'take' Brad from Jen he came willingly, what don't you all understand about that? I think that this is a sweet gift to give and I hope the best for this wonderful couple and their beautiful family.


Wow!!! I really feel bad that this poor couple cant move without people trying to get them to resond in a negative way. It shows the character of both of them that they can ignore all this hatred that everyone keeps tryint to prevoke. I think they are a great couple!!! And as for Jen I think maybe you shouldnt put the breakup on Angie and Brad maybe we should look at the other relationships Jen's not had and how long they lasted. I'm wondering if brad only stayed with her as long as he did because he was toooo nice to say anything. Maybe if she could move on everyone else could too!!!


I agree with the writers here: I love Angelina Jolie for what she has done to help other countries and for her adoptions. I don't like her for "taking" Brad away from Jen. On the other hand, that game takes two to play and there was most likely trouble brewing before Brad and Angelina even met. However, I like the choices that you listed below the picture of her "gift" to Brad. Hilarious! And probably more true than anyone would suspect!

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