Celebrity Hair Affair: Kellan Lutz

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Allow us to apologize, ladies: the following photos of Kellan Lutz do not feature the world's best beach body.

We're very sorry, but there's something equally important at stake: the hair on this Twilight Saga star. Lutz recently made a public appearance and rocked a an unusual look.

As seen on the right, he went all Pat Riley on fans, slicking his hair back to an extreme level. How does this style compare to his typical locks? You tell us.

Which Hairstyle Looks Best?

Kellan Lutz is one fine-looking speciman. But which look do you prefer on the Twilight Saga stud? View Poll ยป


I don't understand why everyone thinks this dude is cute... He's butt-ugly.


The slicked back look is just too Jersey shore for my taste


o_0.......well that was awkward.....he shoulnt go out with his hair like that anymore.....he doesnt look bad except that the hairstyle doesnt fit him...

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