Zac Efron with a Shaved Head: Love It or Hate It?

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Zac Efron is dealing with his split from Vanessa Hudgens by diving into work. Shaved head first.

The actor Tweeted a new photo of himself on the set of The Lucky One, a Nicholas Sparks-penned movie he just wrapped in New Orleans. In the film, Efron plays a Marine just back from his third tour of duty in Iraq.

Zac actually convinced multiple crew members to shave their heads. In exchange, he donated money to a local charity.

What do you think of the actor with a buzz cut?


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Omg. He's so sexy with short hair:) I like him with both short or long hair


ik vind het nu ook goe want ik kijk ni alleen naar de buitenkant


guys he gt hs hair cut jst 4 the moive..........
n he stil luks sexy n cute
bt he need vanessa bck in hs lfe b4 he do sumthng mre verse


omgsh stop the hate! he's playing a marine, do you get now why. he's lovelyyyyy with hair or no hair.


YOUR HAIR BAD...........BAD.............BAD OKEY


WOOOOOW YOUR HAIR STYLE SO...........SO............ BAD


Idiots! He is playing a MARINE. He can't play the part convincingly if he looks like a teeny bopper with a mess of hair. He actually looks the part. Good for him.


guysssssss... you have to be kidding me??
tell m that it's a jok... with shaved head... why???
when he was with vanessa, he was awesome and now??????
please, someone have to take back vanessa!!!!!!


Looks like that guy in the rock group "Bush". The one thats married to the No Doubt singer


Ya he definitely looks older & more mature w/ shorter hair but it should be just a liiiiittle bit longer. & yes its better than justin barbies hair