THG Tribute: Celebrity Deaths of 2010

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It's one of only two guarantees in this world, so when a celebrity leaves us, it's never entirely surprising. But that doesn't make it any less tragic.

From household names to those we barely got to know, and from aging stars to those taken far too soon, we bid farewell to so many in 2010.

Here's a list of notable celebrity deaths of 2010. If we left anyone off, it was just a mistake, not a snub. Leave a comment and we'll add them:

Alex Chilton

Alexander McQueen (pictured)

Andrew Koenig (pictured)

Andrew Koppel

Andy Irons

Blake Edwards

Bob Guccione

Corey Haim

Dan Gordon-Levitt

Dennis Hopper (pictured)

Dixie Carter

Eddie Fisher

Elizabeth Edwards (pictured)

Erica Blasberg

Dr. Frank Ryan

Gaines Adams

Gary Coleman (pictured)

George Steinbrenner

Greg Giraldo


Irvin Kirshner

J.D. Salinger

Jasmine Anema

Jay Reatard

Jennifer Lyon

Jimmy Dean

Julien Hug

Justin Mentell

LeAnne Novacek

Lena Horne

Leslie Nielsen (pictured)

Lina Marulanda

Lisa Blunt

Luna Vachon

Lynn Redgrave

Matt Hughes

Mark Madoff

Michael Blosil

Nancy Dolman

Patricia Neal

Paul Gray

Paula Sladewski

Peter Graves

Phil Harris (pictured)

Philip Markoff

Rich Cronin

Robert Schimmel

Ronnie James Dio

Rue McClanahan

Shannon Tavarez

Simon Monjack

Ted Stevens

Teddy Pendergrass

Tom Bosley

Tony Curtis


Solomon Burke


this is so sad i mean celebs die constantly an you know most of them who arent exactly that old but not young die from overdosing or killing themself...there are so many celebs who use drugs because theyre depressed or just for the fun of it an its even sadder to think that take their own precious live because they dont know how to deal with it............R.I.P. TO EVERY SINGLE OF ONE OF THEM


The article is celebs who died in 2010...


Oh so sad to see the running list on who passes away every year...


patrick swayze died in 2009 too tn chick


Wait, Michael died in 2009, sorry! Feels like recently.


Michael Jackson and Patrick Swayze. I can't believe those two were left off the list!