Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer: Killed By Sarah Palin!

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No one is safe from Sarah the Caribou Slayer.

With the unabashed hunting depicted on her TLC reality show, Sarah Palin's Alaska, and her pointed rebuttals to Aaron Sorkin and PETA, the ex-Alaska Governor and current professional celebrity caused quite a stir earlier this month.

Ever defiant, and fueled by the need to feed her family (an organic, protein-filled diet, no less) while guarding our God-given 2nd Amendment rights and earning maximum attention, she's got someone special in the crosshairs today ...


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RIDICULOUS! i'm betting that most of you palin haters eat meat, so that would make you all hypocrites! People hunt all of the time. God gave us animals to eat. why do you all hate sarah palin so much? sheesh. get over yourselves, and get a life!


Maybe someone will call me a hypocrite since I do eat meat but I just don't know how you can raise a gun to an animal and blow it away, end a living being's life and feel good about it. But that is me. Plus, hunting is something people did to survive many many years ago but in the year 2010, there are these places called grocery stores that you can go get your food at. I just don't know how anyone can get glorification or satisfaction by putting a bullet in a living breathing creature. That's messed up.


If it was a human fetus, the left would glorify her


But then who'll guide Santa's sleigh, & bring presents for all of us?
Oh well, at least Sarah Palin can feed her disfigured offspring, & show nature who's boss! Dada-dingding-dingding-dingding-ding!


Luisa48 is right , if I kill caribou , people are gonna be against me? , nope. In my town we think that people who dont hunt , we think them as they are too lazy . People who are hunt


There is nothing wrong with killing caribou for food, just like there is nothing wrong with killing cows, chickens, pigs, goats, fish, etc. for food. People have been hunting for food since the beginning of time and still are. Those people talking about Sarah Palin and slaying caribou just need to get a life.

Tanika kiedis

That's disgusting.

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