Adam Lambert Pushes for Change

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Recently going on record with how difficult it can be to balance life as an openly gay man with life as a a recording artist, Adam Lambert stopped and combined both worlds this week.

Prior to performing "A Change Is Gonna Come" in Los Angeles on Wednesday night, the singer told the crowd:

"The thing about the song is, it's amazing that it was originally intended for civil rights, and ladies and gentlemen, if you haven't noticed, the gay and lesbian community is in a civil-rights movement right now."

Adam then detailed his own experiences with discrimination before moving into a heartfelt rendition of the single. Watch it all unfold now:


I like your songs so much. May you be happy forever Adam!


The truth will out ... that TRUTH being that ADAM should have WON American Idol for that performance ALONE!! All the rest were just previews leading up to that EPIC moment. I CRIED when ADAM sang it on AI Finale night because I KNEW ADAM wasn't going to win when the producer asked ADAM to perform THAT particular song. It was a silent precursor of the outcome. NOW ... almost two years later ... I am crying tears of JOY as I once again watch him perform it ... ADAM has been validated and recognized WORLDWIDE for the artist that he IS ... TOTALLY!!!


I luv u adam u r super talent, and goregous!


one of my favorite parts of that whole thing is at the beginning when he says "open the gate." lol! :)


I was extremely moved by Adam's speech on civil and LGBT rights. I understand that DADT has been repealed, but am not counting that just yet. Need absolute confirmation. If true, this is indeed a step in the right direction. Adam, has become s role model for equality, whether that was his intention or not. Keep in mind that organized religion use to consider women less valuable than farm animals. We have all come a long way baby!!!


I am so proud of Adam for having the guts to fight prejudice on a daily basis and still have a smile on his face. Above all, he wants to entertain. He has vocals that transcend all of the man-made social prejudice because he makes you listen as he masterfully sings. Notice his audience. They are young and old. Women and men. Gay and straight. All having a good time together. He has broken down so many barriers already. Equal rights for all. It is how it should be. Let's right the wrong in this generation. Thank you Adam for an emotionally moving performance. You are a superstar.


Adam always delivers! His tour was amazing and his voice was just like magic! Go Adam


He's right. The GLBT is in the midst of a civil rights movement right now. Not much different than what the Black American community went through years back. Schools, churches and parents teach their children that homosexuality is a sin. This country has yet to fully comprehend that homosexuality is not a choice or a lifestyle. It it how you are born. There is evidence of homosexuality since the dawn of mankind. I truly believe the root of all evil is organized religion. Organized religion teaches people to hate and kill those that don't believe what you believe and no one ever questions why. People are too afraid to question because its drilled in your head to question is to doubt and to doubt is to sin. It's a vicious cycle that even some brilliant minds get caught in.


Adam Lambert is the most awesome person at of all the american idol contestent he wa the best love his style, his voice, the way he dresses and who gives a damn if he is gay that has nothing to do with his talent so people get over it let people be who that want to be they're not hurting anyone LOVE YOU ADAM


his awesome as always!! his hav one of the greatest voice i hav ever heard

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