Mason Dash Disick is Okay!

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Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick received a scare on Friday night.

Following an allergic reaction to peanut butter, the couple called 911 and was advised to bring son Mason to a New York City hospital. Fortunately, there was no real damage and the family returned home after just a brief visit.

Mother and Mason

It will take more than peanut butter and an attention-starved mother to bring Mason Dash down!!!

Kourtney blogged about the incident today, shooting down reports that blew the incident out of proportion and writing: "I learned such a lesson with this…to always follow my instincts and call 911. Always better safe than sorry.

"The creepy part is…WHO took those pictures and video I’ve seen online from outside our house?"

We can't say for certain, Kourt. But such are the consequences when you turn your private life into a television show.


Im glad the baby is ok. however, if either parent had taken the time to put down a tabloid and pick up a parenting book, they should have known not to give the child peanut butter at such a young age.


Just commenting to show my support Kourtney !! Love the show, your amazing girl!! shew, so glad mason is okay! im sure it was a heart dropping moment and glad you responded promptly! its just the instinct of a wonderful mother !!


All I am going to say is this- MA-SON ASH DIE-SICK. Hmm. Too bad.


This news story should generate some interesting comments. Taking the High-Road, I have just a couple... First, I'm glad that Mason is ok. Second, I'm pleased that Kourt knows how to dial 911. Hey... those were almost her words exactly. Just sayin...

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