Liberals and Conservatives Unite Around Keith Olbermann, Ask MSNBC: Seriously?!?

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Who would have ever thought that Keith Olbermann would be the man to bring liberals and conservatives together?!?

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    Is anyone else getting sick of listening to Joe Scarboro's droning on & on? Watched for channel surfing....Joe has gotten repetitive, rude to Mika & petchulent...MSNBC needs a gentleman. Joe sometimes approaches it, but not very often these days.




    Frankly, whoever is running the business at MSNBC lost focus as to where and what is important to their listeners sometime ago. More important, viewers have realized for months, and some almost immediately, that management in this environment lost their compass with the sudden death of Tim Russet. The timing may be just right for Keith’s next platform; a place with truth will not operate like a gaming sport. I will not announce the new stage in this form, but soon it will be revealed to all. Last, I thank God for His blessings upon your efforts and the new challenge that has already been made for you, Keith. Your audience waits. mama'dee


    HaHa--- the writer of the article calls MSNBC a biased news service?? It is nothing but "bash republicans 24/7--- all bash, all the time." No solutions to America's problems, except, "don't put republicans in charge." It is a JOKE, not a news service!! Clearly Hilton Hater, who is the writer of the article, is a dyed-in-the-wool-drank-the-kool-aid brainwashed pathetic soul who also donates money to left-leaning causes. Fine! Let Olbermann give his money to whomever he wants! I'm all for it, since this is America, after all. But if you want to call yourself a news service, cover the news!Haters!


    It's incredible how they fire people now a days and for stupid reasons.I think Keith is going to have to take lessons from the untouchable Charlie Sheen.


    Please fire Mr. Griffins! This guy is a bum. Keith we miss you. Hang in there, buddy.


    I love Keith's show. Suspending him is wrong and it sends the wrong message. It's preposterous to say the least. Being able to donate the maximum allowed by law is a basic right provided to all Americans, including the media. You're not going to tell me that those good old folks at FOX News don't and didn't donate money to their Tea Party candidates, or that they endorse them day in and day out. This is a sad day. It truly is--dammmit!


    The only bad part about this is that they got to get rid of Olbermann for something like this and not just because 1. He’s the “worst person” on tv and 2. His ratings are horrible.
    But if that keeps his smug countenance from making any guest appearances on Sunday Night Football, I’m a happy guy!
    I wonder if Rachel Madcow and Chris Tingle will stand in solidarity?


    Oh Well... All I can say is.."Karma is a bitch, Keith." I am SURE that if the shoe was on the other foot, and a conservative did it that Keith would not be rallying around them! As a matter of fact, Keith would be the one criticizing the conservative!
    Suck it up, Keith!!


    It's obvious they fired the wrong person.I wonder what the network's stock holders are going to think about Mr. Phil Griffins, since he is messing with their profits.

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