Crystal Bowersox is a Farmer's Daughter: Listen Now!

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On December 14, Crystal Bowersox will release her debut album.

It will be titled "Farmer's Daughter" and include a total of 12 singles. Will you purchase the first CD from this American Idol finalist? Perhaps a listen to its title track will help you decide. Bowersox goes acoustic with it here:

As for the complete song list...

1. "Ridin With The Radio" - Written by Bowersox. Background vocals by her husband, Brian Walker.
2. "For What It's Worth" - The cover of a Buffalo Springfield classic.
3. "Farmer's Daughter" - Written by Bowersox prior to her appearance on Idol.
4. "Holy Toledo" - Written by Bowersox.
5. "Lonely Won't Come Around" - Co-written by Bowersox, David Ryan Harris and Alexandra Tamposi.
6. "Hold On" - Written by former Kara DioGuardi and Nickelback's Chad Kroeger.
7. "On The Run" - Written by Bowersox.
8. "Kiss Ya" - Written by Bowersox.
9. "Speak Now" - Written by Bowersox.
10. "Mine All Mine" - Written by Bowersox
11. "Mason" - Co-written by Bowersox and Walker.
12. "Arlene" - Written by Bowersox.

I have pre-ordered 5 copies already...Its an amazing album that will be a classic someday, don't miss out!!!


I love crystal--I will buy anything she sings.


I will absolutely buy her CD. I love it!


Brilliant. Moving. Profound. A gem. And this girl is going places!! Watch her.


@randyjacksonsbutt - Man you missed the point ALL together!! This is not a song about poverty - it's about an abusive and alcoholic mother who has blown her last chance at possibly redeeming herself in the eyes of her daughter. Take another listen.


yes i will purchase album for self, family,friends


Love it!!!!! Some people are just mean. It's great to live in a place where there is something for everyone. You don't have to be mean just because it's not for you.

Avatar's the indigo girls and melissa ethridge's love child.....boring...


That was garbage. If you are a farmer's daughter in the year 2010 then you are probably pretty well off. Farmer's aren't considered poor anymore. This is not 1873.


Sfter watching the show for five years I now think it is regued. I have heard many people talk about the problems they had attempting to get through the telephone lines and computer, but never was able. Then some people say they called and the voice said thank you for voting for Cryatal when they voted for Mark. I now think it is a set up, so after this season I will not eatch anymore. Brisol will win even though we know she dances like a person with two left feet.


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