Cheryl Cole Releases Official Music Video for "The Flood"

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When not being hit on by Justin Bieber, Cheryl Cole is busy making music videos these days.

The latest recently hit the Web, as this British beauty has given fans an extended look at “The Flood,” a single off the album "Messy Little Raindrops."

Croons Cole below: "It feels you up but never stays. It’s only good to wash away. Today and your loving me like water. You’re slipping through my fingers’ touch, a natural disaster love, bringing on the flood. Love me like a flood."


i love cheryls new song love laura Cheryl i love youu hope to see you soon x


Shes hot and has a nice voice, but the song sucks!!! That is all thank you come again!!!

Cheryl Cole Biography

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Cheryl Ann Tweedy