Bret Michaels Repeats: I Did Not Do Tish Cyrus!

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He's already denied it, but Bret Michaels wants to make it absolutely clear: he did NOT have an affair with the mother of Miley Cyrus.

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    This guy should not have ANY exposure to the national public AT ALL. He has NO musical talent and NEVER created ONE lasting legacy to music whatsoever. That is the plain truth and to all those who disagree you are part of the disease that thinks this asshole is a musical genius. AND.. he is very disrespectful to women. Get with it and dump this obviously bald jitbag.


    I don't believe this happened...I know that Bret has a rep' and has earned-it,but---I just don't believe he did This incident. I think somewhere,some busy-bodies had nothing better to do than draw some fantastic conclusions,and try to cause a scandal.
    Bret is a red-blooded male and likes hot-women but,that doesn't automatically mean he would go after and purposely destroy another marriage,just to put another notch on his belt(I certainly hope that he didn't). I've no doubt that he rock's hard and believes in having fun,but---this doesn't seem like it fit's the bill. Bret has a brain and a heart and I seriously doubt he would make a move on Miley's mom even if he wanted to. I really believe there's more to Bret than that...I'll stick by that until proven wrong. Don't condemn the guy so quick---just because he has a rep'...That's all I'm sayin'...Later all;Hollywood---out...


    joesr, you say it like he literally grabbed her and forced her to cheat. I don't believe the rumor but come on, IF it were true it was mutual. Anyone who strays from their marriage tears it apart all by themselves. By the way, she is really not attractive in the least bit. She looks like an old skinny version of Miley sort of.


    i hope whatever he say is true if not his seriously a dog...a shit eating dog. snatching females and tearing family apart...stupid asshole


    wow....asshole below me....shut the heak was all a rumor, miley's mom never would, it's sad that such foolish rumors can break apart such a strong relationship...who ever started this rumor is 10% responsible for the divorce, maybe, actually, prob not, but still, SOY!


    he likes them young and dumb and bottle blond. Miley's mom fits all but one description.

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