Bret Michaels Denies Doing Tish Cyrus

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Bret Michaels has had sex with many, many, many, many, many, many women.

But he's adamant in this stance: Tish Cyrus is NOT one of them.

Derek Lowe Mug Shot

The rocker woke up today to allegations that he broke up Tish and Billy Ray Cyrus by having an affair with Miley's mom, a charge he denies. This is what the singer's rep had to say in response to the rumor:

"The reports of my client having an affair with Tish are completely unfounded and a complete fabrication.

"Bret has been a close friend of the family for some time and has worked with Miley. It's unfortunate that the sad breakup of Billy Ray and Tish has to be further tainted with these lies being reported."

Do you believe this story? Do you think Bret Michaels slept with Tish Cyrus?


It raelly is good to have a nice winning Celebrity Apprentice like Bret — even if he was the reason behind the very silly show Rock of Love!


Number one miley is NOT a whore when do u hear that she is fucking someone? And why do people keep trying to trash her name this is her parents not her!!! And as far as the illigations go...i doubt that the major issue is bret....(if her and him fucked) im sure there are deeper issues and a reason why mileys ma cheated...why do people keep trying to blame bret?


I resent the poll...if they touched naughty parts, why is he the 'dog'? Why doesn't it say A) no, tabloid nonsense B) Tish is a slutbag whore just like her daughter?


I seriously think Bret Michaels dry smushes his bandanna... So it wouldn't be totally crazy to think he smushed Tish Cyrus!!!

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