Miley Cyrus Performances: On The Late Show, With Bret Michaels

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While Perez Hilton is basking in the spotlight and milking his Miley Cyrus photo controversy for all its worth, the 17-year old singer at the center of this scandal is acting like the mature one.

(Man, we never thought we'd write that about Miley Cyrus.)

Instead of harping on that situation, Miley is focusing on her music: she appeared on The Late Show with David Letterman last night, joked with the host about Twitter and then performed "Can't Be Tamed." Most amazingly, she did it while wearing pants!

From there, Cyrus woke up today and took to the stage with Bret Michaels.

First, though, she continued to defend her racy new image, saying on Good Morning America:

"You have to be who you are to the full. There's nothing that I'm holding back. And that's what I want to give to my girl fans. Just be who you are."

Ah, there's the pompous Miley Cyrus we know and love... to mock: sounding all high and mighty about her music when, in reality, she's just another recycled pop singer that wears skimpy clothing to prove how "edgy" she is.

Moreover, and we truly mean this with no predisposed bias or opinion of the singer, but just as people with two working ears: Miley sounds HORRIBLE in the following duet:

[video url="" title="Bret and Miley Duet"] [/video]


GMA Duet
Miley on GMA
Just Being Miley

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Justina-Twilightina sicrve:ma dai, nn sn sua fan xò al sondaggio ho risposto no, nn mi sembra così trasgressivo!!


dude. are you tone def? she is a great singer live, 10 x better than most pop singers, heck some of them dont even sing live! stop picking on Miley. you dont know her, and i cant imagine you would be any better at being famous if you were only just 17. there is definitely bias in all of your posts about her.


i think miley is doing her best. She wants to asstablish who she is and she is doing it to the fullest, and commmenting on her singing when she is a songer is stupid, just because she had a slightly off day i think she is entotled a boggie song where she songs a little under par. thats not the point she is acting maturly over this photo thing where clearly Perez Hilton is being as Miley said "an idiot" and if she got out of a car diffuctly it shows how insensitive the press are if all they can do is take shots and then insult Miley Cyrus about it, its disgracful the papparrazi need ot get their minds out of the gutters and start acting (like Miley is) as adults


I just have to say(with the exception of @Carrie)---THIS is one of my FAVORITE Comment-posting's I've seen here Yet!!! @Carrie---you need to open-up more. You're entitled to your opinion,but---so are we,and given how outnumbered you are,cause even the guy who wrote it and made-it famous(Bret Michaels)said and/or say that "She Nailed it!---you might want to give it another try. Or not---it's your choice. The rest of us though---are just going to enjoy the new blend. The rest of you Here---EXCELLENT COMMENTS!!! Way to GO! And @Blaize---I'm really starting to like you a lot,hear? Ha,ha! Your comments(while always on the right track,are getting better and better with each post---GO GIRL! To all Defenders and and Fans: YOU GUYS ROCK!!! And I want to Thank THG for providing us with the Clips,the news,and a place for us to speak our minds...That's all for now. 'Til next-time,everybody---please keep-up the good work! Hollywood---OUT!


I see nothing pompous about that quote from Miley Cyrus. It rings true to me. It takes guts to do what you really want to do even when you know a lot of people will hate you- and in her case, your family too- for it. Everyone's telling Miley that she can't dress sexy, dance sexy, or take sexy pics but she's rebelling against that. This is one of the reasons why I like Miley Cyrus. society can be so hypocritical when it comes to famous people- praising Madonna, Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Christina Aguilera, Shakira, Megan Fox, and Rihanna for their sexuality one minute but then hating on starlets like Miley Cyrus and Taylor Momsen the next minute for doing the same stuff just because they're 'too young.' If the stars in the first category can be praised for their sexiness then you can't go and criticize the starlets in the second category for 'sending a bad message to fans.'


Her signing was poor just because she was singing too low. When she got to the higher notes she sounded good. Just saying, I'm not exactly a fan of hers.


Ok,not at all a Miley fan but I guess she's not that terrible, better than some people who sing live, and yay for her being mature and not all revealing-wardrobe-ey this time.


THG cant make fun of her singing??? SHE'S A SINGER!


Good post @linz, except she was wearing underwear.


Wow I will NEVER get that song back. She has ruined it for me - not even Bret can help. I cannot believe that so many people waste time, money & resources on talentless factory pop stars that thinkthey are better than they are.

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