Avan Jogia: Miley's New Man?

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Has Miley Cyrus found a new young man?

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    Sorry my iphone corrected mileys name to uraninite......ok????

    But avan you want a real girlfriend email me


    I think avan is adorable and uraninite might get around but you live once and no one should talk about appearance because no one is perfect and if they want to bang then so be it! But avan call me ;)


    i love beck


    First of all, to all the immature people, I'm not a hater.

    Second of all, are you serious?
    I mean, most of you are saying that it's okay to jump from one man/boy to another. The people, including men, who do that are hopeless and too needy. Miley is one of them to me. How do you know she's only been with 4 males? How about the ones she had before she was famous? Just because you have a crush on someone does not mean you have to date him. The more you date, the harder it'll be to find a good guy and have good LONG-TERM relationship.

    Whether it's in the 21 century or Victorian era, it's never okay.


    I predict that Miley's career goes south faster than a Florida snowbird in winter. She has little talent, a goofy bucktooth smile and a flabby, shapeless body that doesnt look good in catwoman body suits. She thinks she can keep people's attention by acting "wild", but without the Disney publicity machine pumping her up, she is easily eclipsed.


    @Lisa: Wow, some folks are awfully quick to judge and condemn people based on their clothing. That is very superficial. She was wearing a cropped top, big deal. There's nothing wrong with showing a little skin or showing your stomach.


    haha you don't know anyone like her or wouldn't want to be her friend because she drank alcohol before she was eighteen? are you five? i realize not all teenagers drink, but about eighty five percent of them do and i would LOVE to see your town and all it's "perfect" teenagers.


    What I'd like to point out is what she was wearing at her birthday party.

    People who think it's "normal" for an 18-year-old to dress like that, you're either really naive or just delusional. SOME 18-year-olds do dress like that, but they're not known to be good role models or anything of the sort. The magic of TV DOES make it look like every other 18-year-old dresses like that, though.


    they were kissing at her 18th birthday party though...


    guys and girls can be just friends...why can't miley and avan?? she's a girl he's a guy..and they're hanging..doesn't mean there's more to it...and if there is then let her be happy..if my parents were divorcing i'm pretty sure i'll need someone to make me happy too..just get off her back and stop believing any stupid rumor tabloids and gossip blogs spread

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