TomKat and Suri Cruise: The Broken Home!

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Tom Cruise. Katie Holmes. Cute little Suri. A broken home. We don't believe any of this is true, but it makes for a compelling celebrity gossip magazine cover.

Apparently there was nothing too juicy on Angelina's nanny this week, because Star decided to go the TomKat route. What is this, 2006? C'mon, guys. Weak.

While we love any reference to the "marriage deal" that binds them (because they're cyborgs and/or she's his beard, don'cha know), we just don't see it.

A Broken Home

FALLING APART? Doubtful, but it sells magazines. Presumably.


I agree with sues. Get rid of the spoiled rotten brat because they made her that way, give her to one of the grandmas but then I wouldn't wish that brat on anyone! She is such a brat they carry her all the time like she is a baby and let her have a pacifier at 5 years old! They are not parent material in any sense of the word!


:) that's funny to read about it, Tom and Katy love their beautiful baby -pretty Suri and I'm sure they love each other. People who want believe they are unhappy just envy them. I wish the Cruise to be always happy and still perfect looking people ;)


Forget the naysayers and the tabloid trash reporting.
I can easily believe that Katie and Tom stopped reading Star ragazine years ago.
Katie and Tom are where **they want to be in their marriage, happy and still very much in Love!!


I love how people seem to think they know everything that goes on inside a marriage of someone they don't know. So many lies are written in these pages, you're not using your god given intelligence if you feed into this crap. Until the ones being written about release a comment, straight from their mouths, it's not worth believing.


Well, go ahead, Tom & Katie. Break up, for God's sakes! It's not like you're really getting anything out of the relationship. And that spoiled brat is not worth fighting for. Give her to one of the grandmothers, who would surely do a better job of raising her.

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