Solange Knowles: Katy Perry is Bad For Kids!

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Solange Knowles claims Katy Perry is "polluting the chirrens." In English, she means polluting the children, which still doesn't really make sense, but closer.

Beyonce's sister's beef is with Katy's video for "California Gurls," which Solange's son Julez (yup, with a Z) was watching on Youtube. Solange is not happy.

Rather than simply turning on the parental controls or speaking to her kid about it, Solange is ripping Katy and her "kiddie porn." Not an exaggeration at all.

A Solange Pic
Perry Live

Solange hates "California Gurls." And spelling.

Her exact words were: "But seriously. Iontlike the fact dat Julez thinks he gotta sneak & watched California gurls on u tube. Katy Perry is polluting the chirrens."

"It is like kiddie porn tho. All of them damn colors, candy and shit ... and then the daisy dukes, breast shooting cream ... And then Elmo and Tits!?"

Hey, if Katy Perry on Sesame Street is deemed a bad fit by the show, that's one thing. But leave her daisy dukes alone and do your job, Solange!

Sure, Katy's music is better suited to some fans than others, but as an artist herself, you'd think Ms. Knowles would appreciate her originality.

Besides ... kiddie porn? Come on now. "California Gurls" isn't half as suggestive as a lot of material you can watch on YouTube with one click.

We won't even get started on Beyonce's sex appeal, outfits, videos, etc.

Just turn on the parental filter and shut yer yap. Right? Or wrong? Vote:


i know im late and all but shake off solange nutts yall mad cuz she says katy is havin kitty porn come on now see it from her point wat if u were a mother


Do i detect a hint of jealousy Solange? what about your sister Beyonce don't see the difference


Seriously, Solange? First of all, if Katy Perry wants to show sexuality in her music videos, that's her right-you can't question her. If you don't want your child to watch it, then DO YOUR JOB AS A PARENT.COMMUNICATE WITH YOUR CHILD! I get so sick and tired of people having a moral panic over stars like Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus, and Christina Aguilera being 'too sexy'. These people have the right to embrace their sexuality, including through their art. Solange of all people should know this with an older sister like Beyonce- who's always had a sexualized image but is (miraculously?) still considered a good role model for young girls and is followed by tons of young fans. (yet another reason I don't really get why people resent Miley so much for her sexuality). By the way, Solange, weren't you a TEEN MOTHER?


even if katy perry is being suggestive, isn't it solange's job to watch her freakin kid? don't get bad at others for your bad parenting!


ummm...hello..solange, u have a sister who walks around half naked 24/7 with her boobs and a** out who allegedly worships the devil and a cheating adulterating low down dirty daddy who impregnated some groupie whore and you got nerve to point fingers at someone else for "polluting the chirren"??


What in the blue hell is a "chirren"?


Wow, these are well thought out answers..?!


You know what she need to just shup the hell up and stop ripping on katy.just put up a block on her computer, as easy as that. And katys videos are not how she calles it " Kiddie Porn". And Solange is not even a good singer!!!!


Jealous Solange? Katy is talented & gorgeous .
You are not….you have no career. Why are you so concerned with
Katy's outfits being inappropriate for "children"
while other so called performers look more like sluts and strippers.
Are you turning a blind eye when it comes to your sister -Beyonce ?


Come on, you must be blind if you think Katy Perry isn't really suggestive. She might do it in a more subtle way than others, but it's no mystery what she's putting across.

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