Katy Perry Video: Too Hot For Sesame Street!

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Katy Perry is just too hot.


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    i love katy perry and i think she didn't show anything wrong


    Come on people, this is really a waist of time for people to complain about. Katy doesn't promote teenage sex,if you listen to the lyrics you can understand what she is saying. Anyone who has a problem with her can just turn the song or video off. Katy Perry is an adult singing not a child so listen before you let your child listen. She isn't your babysitter, that is the parents job. So stop complaining and change the channel.


    The fuss is she should never had been invited there anyhow..what belongs in Vegas, should stay in Vegas. Her newer song encourages teen age promiscuity..let's go all the way..well too many teen girls are getting knocked up!! But damn some of these girls listen to country!!


    My son has outgrown Sesame Street, but he asked me why Elmo and Katy Perry were on the news. After explaining that some parents found her outfit inappropriate, we watched the clip and neither of us could understand what all the fuss was about. Kimberly, I completely agree with you. Some people really need to get a life and stop trying to impose their warped morality on the rest of us.


    they shouldv't the her something or not put her on there if they knew how she dressed and why the hell they put on her there if they knew this would happen


    Hmm..I can understand the concern, you have to be careful about what you show on a kid's program...I'm more concerned for the girls who are a little older and might be more influenced by her, in which case, I certainly wouldn't want a daughter of mine to be influenced by her.


    I agree with Kimberely,my 7 and 5 yr old girls love to sing along w/Katy Perry and they haven' a clue what some of the innuendos mean,they just love her fun songs!I wont let them watch the crap Miley put out recently but we love Katys videos!And we are the parents! So lets PARENT our children and raise them with God in their lives!They may rebel later as teens but they will always have the tools we gave them to use to get back on track!Frankie-Arkansas


    Lana Frank: Okay, you got me, here's a big happy star sticker for you.

    Let me be frank, James Taylor didn't promote heroine usage and you really can't tell if he was on it anyway. Hell, Big Bird was on H back then but he didn't go on set with a syringe stuck in his wing.
    The point I was making is that Katy Perry promotes sex and that is about it. She doesn't sing about anything else. There is quite a difference between "When I See Your Smiling Face" and "I Kissed A Girl".


    Back when James Taylor was doing Sesame Street, he was a full blown heroin addict! Oh Ya, that a much better role model than Katey Perry's mesh covered cleavage. Ha!


    My complaint isn't about Katy Perry's obvious cleavage rather Sesame Street has someone who dropped out of high school as a freshman and sings a song called "I Kissed a Girl" influencing our very young children.

    I say get rid of her altogether she has become more annoying than she is hot.

    Back when I was a small child Sesame Street had respectable artists like Stevie Wonder and James Taylor guest star. If the current producers were around back then Rick James would be teaching the ABC's.

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