Witness Describes "Flirty Energy" Between Jennifer Aniston and Josh Hopkins

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Jennifer Aniston reportedly had dinner with Lindsay Lohan's ex-boyfriend Harry Morton last week and then realized:

Wait, this is Lindsay Lohan's ex-boyfriend! She has since moved on.

Smart Water Hottie

Why is Josh Hopkins smiling? Look at his rumored workout partner!

In fact, sources say the actress had dinner with Cougar Town star Josh Hopkins at Madeo in Beverly Hills on Thursday night.

"She and Josh sat at a private table and they seemed to get along great," a witness told People. "It was obvious that they don't know each other well, but there was a flirty energy between them and Jen looked very happy."

The love connection would make sense: Aniston guest stars on the September 22 season premiere of Cougar Town.

We do wonder, though: how does this play into Jen's plans to steal Brad Pitt back from Angelina Jolie? We guess she's playing hard to get.


Angelina Jolie is a slut.She has slept with several married men.She has tried to break up other marriages but it didn't work. They got what they wanted and moved on. Brad pitt is the only stupid one. He left his wife. Brad pitt is 12 years older than jolie. Trust me after he turns fifty she will be after someone else younger. I can't wait to read about it. Brad you will never be truly happy. you should have stayed with a women who really loved you. Not a women who just wanted the excitement of a challenge that will sooner or later wear off. This can happen both ways.


How can you say anything nice about jolie. I think she is a awful person. She just seduced Jennifer aniston'husband and had 3 babies to keep him. He got to be the most non intelligent man in the world. I can't stand a woman who have no scrupples.This relationship won't last past him turning fifty.He and she will reap what you sow. I am glad that jennifer is moving on from brad pitt. She need to kick some of her friends to the curb. She is too good for some of them. She is beautiful,talented,smart,rich and sexy. She has the best beach body in Hollywood.


Jenn is beatiful, talented and can date whoever the heck she wants so quit hating on her...She has a much better body and personalit than Jolie for sure!


@Sherilyn Aniston Chua Gosh, calm down and GET A LIFE. What is Jennifer your sister or something that you get so pissed off? Pathetic. Get a life. Everyone is allowed to have opinions. I don't care that you think Angelina is a slut, that's your opinion. I think Jennifer is an ugly, talentless slut and that's my opinion. Peace.


fuck! what the hell. cant JENNIFER ANISTON Date whoever she wants. YOU FUCKER BITCHES, get out of her way, dont comment negative things about her who care about ANGELINA JOLIE THAT SLUT. who care if this relationship dont last long at least they are happy together ok fuck off!


Angelina is helping the flood victims in Pakistan on top off having 10 kids, and this chick Jennifer Aniston is still dating. Please tell me is there anyone in Hollywood that Jennifer has NOT dated? She's been around the block. So sick of Aniston. WHy does she get so much press and why the hell is she famous? She's homely and a bad actress.


ifeel sorry for her she can't fine love and marriage


Don't get too used to seeing them as couple,Jennifer does not have long term relationships,this passing duo will be over before the ink is dry on this comment. Trust Me!!

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