Oksana Grigorieva to Bash Mel Gibson on Oprah

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Oksana Grigorieva wasn't kidding about a PR offensive.

Oprah Winfrey has landed a coveted TV interview with Mel Gibson's estranged source of baby mama drama and domestic abuse allegations, edging out 60 Minutes.

Winfrey's production company, Harpo, apparently struck a deal with Team Oksana on Tuesday. There's no telling what the nut job will say on the popular program.

"Oksana has a very powerful story to share, from emigrating to the United States from Russia, her marriage with Timothy Dalton, her music career and a volatile relationship with Mel Gibson," an insider says, regarding the upcoming Oprah interview.

Let's be honest with ourselves here. Yes, Mel Gibson is a jackass and bona fide lunatic who should be locked up if he really did any of the things Oksana alleges.

But this woman is no saint herself. Quite the contrary, in fact.

In addition to the domestic violence investigation of Gibson, police are also probing Oksana to determine if she's guilty of extortion. Criminal or not, she is shady.

Asked by paparazzi about the Oprah sit-down, Grigorieva said she couldn't talk about it, adding "the truth will come out" regarding her relationship with Gibson.

The Mel Gibson rants have already come out, though, and while they are vile and deeply disturbing, they don't mean she's not trumping up the violence claims.

Nor do they mean she's a victim, or at least the only one. It's clear she was on the cusp of securing millions to destroy the tapes ... which she may have leaked.

She adds that she's "never been afraid of extortion charges, because there are none." Not yet anyway. Give it a couple of weeks and then check with the cops.



What is left for her to tell on the Oprah show considering the fact that we have been getting daily tidbits for weeks about their mix-match love.


Ergo, I do appreciate your reply. I think that as we are not in the the middle of the cross-fire we really don't know what the truth is. I only know that women are murdered every day by abusive partners and overall society doesn't really seem to care and then make the women seem responsible for her own murder. Whatever we might think of Oksana, I can't condemn or judge her if she is trying to save her life.


Mel Gibson is great in movies though! Thats all that matters right? or wait...


All I can think about in this scenario, is when Nicole Simpson's 911 calls and begging for help really didn't do her any good regarding the raging OJ. Oksana may have saved her own life by this being public, even if most people don't seem to like her.
It's her life, not ours.


Its funny you say that Kayle. My friends and I believe what you are saying in unfortunately true most of the time, we have never known a hottie young russian girl who wasn't a gold digger. I in fact have a wealthy friend who is right now enamored with his new "girlfriend" from Russia, and no matter what anybody tells him about her, he cant see the obvious light


enough with this russian bride/slut!!! i have yet to meet a russian woman that is not into money or marrying someone with money. they are all so eager to come into the us, that is why they look like this ... cheap and tacky! the less clothes, the more tightfiiting, the better. spreading their legs even wider, doesn't hurt. that's how they lure stupid american men into giving them anything they want. poor mel, fell for it too!


She is such a pig


woah i thought that was octomum

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