Video: Tila Tequila Attacked at Concert, Wounded by Beer Bottles, Feces

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Tila Tequila says she was attacked on stage at a concert in Illinois this week.


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    This shits way 2 funny this bitch is a fucking liar she didn't get chased by no 2000 juggalos she had no buiseness there n the first place that bitch ain't down w the clown and her so called music sounds like shit and 4 the record u crazy ugly bitch if those juggalos wanted ur ass they would of got it and handed it to you everyone just thought u sucked juggalos throw shit at stupid mother fuckers like you that's just what we do you should of got the hint and got the fuck off the stage but no one fucking tried to kill you wtf go blow the dj and stay the fuck outa where u don't belong u are a fucking idiot much mother fucking clown love 2 my juggalo family slap this bitches face off!


    Trash found trash


    Fuck you Amanda. She's a fucking lunatic and she paraded that stage fucking NAKED and you say WE are goin to hell? WE helped her! now she can stay the fuck away from US and go back to where she belongs...


    tila shd go back to singapore where she belongs!!


    Tila Tequila did not deserve to be mistreated....


    hahahahahahahahahaha does ANYBODY care about this trailer trash anymore? Why? Stupid is as stupid does ........


    No one deserves to be treated like this no matter who it is. She has said and done a lot of really crazy stuff but still you just can't take out your feelings and go at her like some mad men. if you didn't like her then why stay and listen to her do her job? Anyone who took part hurting her should be held accountable. Shame on you for acting so stupid and hateful. This kind of behavior only makes you the crazy one not her. I personally don't care for her but I would never hurt her...


    If any of you people think that this was okay & that Tila deserved this, your going to hell & your sick in the head. Nobody deserves treatment like this. She has the right to perform wherever she was ASKED to perform at. She has rights just like the rest of us, unlike what those LOSERS were doing, what she was doing WAS NOT ILLEGAL! What they did was! ASSALT is ILLEGAL! She was doing her JOB!


    um.........she deserved to be injured, possibly killed?! is this like when women dress sexy, they DESERVE to get raped??? I dislike this chick A LOT but no woman deserves bottles, feces thrown at her. EWWW. She deserved booing, people leaving her performance or whatev, even cussing but NOT PHYSICAL HARM. I hope these people get arrested.



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