Montana Fishburne Playboy Pictures: Revealed!

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Somebody's really trying to channel Kim Kardashian.

Before there was a Montana Fishburne sex tape, the daughter of CSI star Laurence Fishburne did a nude "test" photo shoot for Playboy, which never ran.

Somehow we think they might rethink that now.

The photos, in which Montana, who is only 19 now, goes full-frontal, were taken before anyone ever heard the name Chippy D. Check 'em out ...

  • Montana Fishburne Playboy Picture
  • Montana Fishburne Topless
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Of course its gonna look bad if it was yuhr daughter,but at least she getting the attention she wants. . .I wonder what laurence thinks of it


She doesnt need Jesus, she needs a whole body paper bag. I would call her a dog but some dogs would get offended by that.


That could of been my wife,thats too bad,notice how she giggles alot? Its the drugs...


I shudder to think of what the world will be like in the next 10 years.People have no respect for themselves or for anyone else.It sickens me!


Namaste, So if all of a sudden this pornmovie is a hit. The Playboy photo's are coming out. That's the way of showbizzness. Money, money, money, in a rich man's wolrd. Ohm shanti.


She needs Jesus and a good therapist YESTERDAY!


Tiffany this is for u and your types...I LOVE SLUTS!!!!!!!!


So are you saying ..Montana Fishburne's mama is a Suave model for shampoo and the likes??


I like how she sucks in her belly. She must take after her mother in looks!!


she is a disgrace to her dad