Bachelor Pad Cast Boots Crazy Michelle; Lunatic Blames Tenley Molzahn

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Remember Michelle, the borderline unstable girl who vied for Jake Pavelka's heart on The Bachelor? No? Well, her stint on Bachelor Pad was even shorter.

Early in last night's season premiere, Michelle clashed with Tenley Molzahn, the runner-up that same season, along with other female residents of the Pad.

According to Crazy Michelle, Tenley started a rumor that she slept with Craig "Dangerous" McKinnon the first night in their palatial digs. Bunk bed style.

Drama ensued when Michelle locked Tenley in a bathroom and confronted her about this. Tenley understandably felt threatened and broke down crying.

On Bachelor Pad, the male castoffs from The Bachelorette vote to evict a girl, and the female rejects from The Bachelor vote to evict a guy each week.

Predictably, the men were more or less unified in their decision to vote off the girl most likely to fashion a crude shank and stab someone in the house.

Tenley Molzahn Picture

"I am still shaken, but I feel relieved now that Michelle is gone," said Tenley Molzahn in the wake of her two-time rival's departure. Michelle blamed her exclusively.

"I don't deserve to be treated this way at all," insane Michelle lamented. "It's upsetting because Tenley started a rumor that I did something with Craig and that made me upset. Because of that rumor, it ruined my chances [on the show]."

The guy sent home was Juan Barbieri, whose fate was sealed before the show even started because of his hookup with another contestant, Nikki, in the past.

It didn't end well between them.

"It will be less stressful now that Juan is gone," Nikki said, having apparently rallied enough of her fellow female contestants' votes to vote Juan the hell out.

Juan, who was in a similar boat as Jesse Kovacs, who's hooked up with Elizabeth Kitt, said he was "shocked and disappointed" that he was ousted so fast.

Ten girls and seven guys remain in the hunt for a $250,000 prize and another 14 minutes of D-list celebrity status. Join us next week on Bachelor Pad!


Tenley's ex husband warned that Tenley was a fake. She is a bit of a fame whore and while they were married, all she wanted was to become famous. She was very manipulating, he said.
I think it is very obvious though. She is not easy to like.
Elizabeth is insecure...big time! I feel sorry for her.


Tenley is annoying--especially her fake voice and the way she constantly sticks her tounge out while talking--she looks like a man with a ton of makeup on--I bet her ex-husband got sick of that stupid voice...


Tenley is fake and I don't like her at all. She uses that silly childlish voice and fake tears to win over those people's vote. I am just wondering when they are going to see what a bitch she is.


Juan said in a recent interview with People magazine that Tenley made up the whole rumor. When asked if Michelle and Craig hooked up that night, he said, "That never happened. Tenley was dreaming or it was Natalie and Jesse who had already been making out and slept next to her. Craig and Michelle were on the other side of the room and I know for a fact they didn’t do anything inappropriate. If it was Tenley’s strategy to start a rumor about someone already on thin ice to rally the troop against her, it was well-played." Good acting, playing into the poor "Tenley as victim" role again when she is actually a master manipulator.


Tenley doesnt have what it takes to see this to the end. She will be chewed up and spit out! I laughed my ASS off when she made a complete fool of herself crying like a freaking 3 year old. Thought she was gonna hyperventilate. Time for the wuss to go home...sick of her fake smiling all the time.


The real nutjob is Elizabeth, she is so disguisting looking, such an old hag.Tenley is a big bitch, her true colors are really showing now. And Michelle is not crazy because she confronted tenley, she has guts! tenley started rumors and she should not be afraid if she was honest!


Yes, Tenley is annoying. But Elizabeth? OMG I just wanted to punch her in the face. How delusional and naive is she? The man she is "in love with" obviously does not feel the same. He just wants to have a good time and not have her follow him around and act like this is "The Bachelor" all over again. He knows what he wants (250,000 dollars) and doesn't want (HER!!!). Where is her fucking dignity and self pride? Sheesh, what an embarassment of a woman. I hope she goes home next, she is ugly and annoying.


Tenley looks cross eyed. Hopefully she wins the money so she can spend money on some plastic surgery.


Tenley is so nasty from her voice to her face


Tenley is a wh0re!!!! Heeeee heeeee heeeee let me kiss all these men and talk sh!t about people. Please don't forget I'm a Christian. No Tenley your NOT!! Your a wh0re

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