Stars Choose Sides: Team Edward or Team Jacob?

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Team Edward or Team Jacob?

It's no longer a question reserved for Twihards, or pop culture followers in general. Supreme Court Justice nominee Elena Kagan was actually asked which side she's on during confirmation hearings this week.

On a Mall Tour

But forget future judges. On which end of this debate do Jersey Shore stars and country singers fall? A handful of celebrities were asked to pledge their allegiance to Edward or Jacob this week and replied with the following:

Snooki: I’m Team Edward just because he’s very sexy, but then again, I’m Team Jacob because he has potential guido status.

The Situation: I don’t think I’m on any team on that one because I like women. But on the other hand, I am fans of them both, I think they’re both great actors.

Julianne Hough: I’m in love with Edward.

Martina McBride: Well, Edward’s really cute, I think he’s very romantic, but I think probably Jacob is a healthier relationship. He seems to care. He’s not as obsessive. It’s a little more well-rounded.

Brooklyn Decker: I’m Team Bella. I’m always rooting for her. I think she’s the atypical heroine, and a lot of people relate to that.

Cheyenne Kimball: I’m totally Team Edward. I used to read the books when I was 17, and I wanted so badly to meet a vampire named Edward and fall in love.

Rachel Reinart: I’m Team Vampire Diaries. I don’t watch Twilight. I have a huge crush on both of the dudes. They’re hot.

Serena Williams: I’m obsessed with Robert Pattinson.

Interesting. But enough from these celebs. Let's hear from THG readers. Which team are YOU on?


team Edward he is totally hot and he loves Bella. by the way have any of you people seen his real life pictures. he is even in modeling you don't see Jacob in modeling. so Edward!


Edward's so boring... Whereas Jacob jst chills n cool 2 hang out..


i like jacob and edward but edward is hotter so im on team edward but jacob is still cool.


Team L!!! Edward is a sparkly disco ball and Jacob is a pedophile! Scrap that Edward, is also a pedophile he is 107 years old, and he cant even get an erection he doesnt even have blood!


Team Jacob. Reason why is because cute, funny, has nice teeth, strong, and I would want to get with him because I would actually want to die happy right next to him. I wouldnt want to live forever knowing things would just be the same and boring. I want to go on adventures and be out in the sun not hiding a deathly secret of being a vampire.


TEAM JACOB he's hot i mean LITERALLY and fun to be with not so intense all the time he just chills and for being and animal and all and being tall and muscular i'm sure he's great at bed..ILOVE U MY JACOB


Edward of course hes so sweet nice and protective and hes hot!
but jacobs cool to


well I was team hot edward til I seen eclips til I seen how hot jacob is I dont know with so can't I be both


Im in team of Edward,because Edward is more better,love Bella,with Bella,they are nice couple,they experiences beautiful times together,he is very gallant,inteligent,romantic and other good things,for example he died for Bellas life,aaand vampires are best,they are speed,strong,jumping in the trees and others :) The best film on all over The World :)Cullens family I love,with Bella of course :)

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