Ali Fedotowsky: Betrayed By Frank Neuschaefer!

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Ali Fedotowsky has already been betrayed on The Bachelorette this season. Fortunately, Rated R (Justin Rego) and his cheating ways were exposed relatively early.

Unfortunately, she won't be so lucky with Frank Neuschaefer, one of her final three ... or the producers of the ABC reality series, who set her up for heartbreak.

That's according to In Touch Weekly, yes. But there's something to it.

By now, whether you read The Bachelorette spoilers or not, you've likely seen previews for next week and know that Frank is about to drop a bomb on our girl.

That bomb is his ex-girlfriend, Nicole Caruso, with whom he's reunited after blatantly ditching Ali despite wooing her all these weeks ... it's simply heartbreaking.

Even more so? That the producers were in on it.

How They Tricked Her
Frank Neuschaefer Picture

Monday on The Bachelorette, Frank Neuschaefer will break Ali's heart/

According to reports, Frank didn't exactly pull a Justin and use Ali Fedotowsky for publicity. He really liked her, but genuinely loved Nicole and wanted to reconcile.

“Frank didn’t think they would fall in love,” a source tells In Touch. “He followed his heart and did what was best for him - and ultimately what’s best for Ali, too.”

He considered Ali his girlfriend, says a source, and when producers refused to let him break up with Ali properly, they set the star up for even more heartbreak.

“They betrayed her,” says the source.

How? That remains to be seen. But months after that fateful night in Tahiti, Frank and Nicole were seen on a romantic date in Chicago. Follow the jump to see:

Nicole Caruso and Frank Neuschaefer

Ali who? Frank puts the moves on Nicole Caruso.

Who should Ali choose on The Bachelorette?


I think Chris would be the better choice for Ali. Taking everything into consideration, I believe he is the more real, genuine, and shares more humor with Ali than Roberto does. Also, Chris is also from Mass, and I think she was really welcomed by his family, and she was very impressed by their unity and closeness they shared. Frank just played along, trying to get attention, and never should have been on this show to start with.. Unresolved feelings, quitting his job, and moving home, showed that he was a little "flaky" and unsure of himself- he always lacked when it came to being confident. He should have been honest, and not played with Ali's heart. He took up a space, where others would have been very honored and sincere to have- such as Kirk. He was crazy about Ali, and they were good together also. I don't like you Frank. You a big baby, and you need to grow up.


I got lucky tonight. Bad weather prevented me from seeing the Bachelorette..but' Last Comic Standing' came in loud and clear..I liked the black, the Jew, and the Mexican?????!!!


I don't think Ali is that into this whole Bachelorette thing.
She liked Roberto from the start but really let Justin stay too long and anyone could see thru him. Ty was very nice and should have been a pick; also what Ali did to Kerry was plain mean. She knew what she was doing there. Nobody should have been that mean to a guy who had been nothing but nice to her and she knew Justin always goaded him. She also was an instigator with trouble with
Vienna previously. Let Ali take care of herself. Ty would make a good Bachelor. I think he's real. Frank was deceiving from the start. It showed. He just wanted the trips.


I never liked Frank for Ali, men who are so insecure are the ones who normally end up hurting you. The sad part is that I really think Ali wanted Frank out of everyone else. I agree with boycotting if the producers really set her up, that is so wrong.


Cut it out! It's never gonna happen Nicky...don't even bother.


If the producers are in on it, lets all boycott the Bachelorette, the bachelor and the new show that they will be showing with all the old cast of both shows. Its not right that they did this to poor Ali just for ratings. They will get the ratings but we can stop that by not watching mondays episode. WHO IS WITH ME!!!? Boycott!!

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