Robert Pattinson: On Location, Minus Long Hair

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When Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner showed up alone for a press event in Australia this week, some Twilight fans wondered and worried:

Where was Robert Pattinson?!?

Fret not, though, Twihards. There are no problems between Rob and any of his co-stars. The hunky star is simply on location in California, filming Water for Elephants.

The movie is a big step for Pattinson: it's based on a best-selling novel; it also features Reese Witherspoon; and it forced the actor to shave off his gorgeous locks. See for yourself below, as THG takes you on the set of this drama:

Filming Water for Elephants
Away from Twilight
Short-Haired Rob
Always Dashing
A Handsome Walk
Water for Elephants Shot

What do you think of Robert Pattinson's new hairdo? It makes him...


nice thing


Totally love him. I agree with Alex, he's totally genuine and lovable as well.


i love him weather he has short hair or hair down to his knees lol he has such a wonderful warm personality and it really shines through .


He is AMAZINGLY good looking. I'm dying


I can see that he gets the attention from both sides (Love/like him and dislike him. I normal do not spend my time on posts about the actors or actresses whom I dont like. Why I like Rob? and I know there are a lot of fans out there who loves Rob as a person.Its his personality that appeals to me. I like his interviews. He seems very polite,humble,funny,and honest. To me he does have a beautiful smile. You have to see his interviews. They are so refreshing. The thing is not everybody likes everybody. Some like Rob and some dont. Isnt it same for other Actors? Some like ZAC and some dont get the appeal. In summary I like Robs personality...I like his because he behaves like a normal 24yr old guy. I like him because he is not perfect.


when you love someone, hair is irrelevant. he'd be great bald, or with hair down to there. it's his 'self' that's awesome. i'm glad Meh42 just made that long, long line i'm in, one person shorter :)


Robert Pattinson is gross...I don't get the appeal.


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