Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner: Delightful Down Under

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Kristen Stewart has been at the center of controversy in American this week.

First, she compared the paparazzi to rapists and took her hatred of fame to a new, low level.

Then, she debuted on the FHM list of the Sexiest Women in the World, all the way at number-six. Think this ranking was deserved?

Stewart hasn't been around to answer questions about these developments, however, because she's spanning the globe promoting Eclipse. The actress and co-star Taylor Lautner most recently answered questions at a Q&A session in Australia. Cute pics follow...

Down Under Stars
Doing Promotion
Smiling in Sydney
Taylor Pose
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so funny kristen msiseng with taylor play punching him she will rock the fight scenes in new SWATH she can fight lol taylor has allways been good to kristen and kristen has to taylor they get on so well they will be friends for life even when all the bd is over i whish good things for taylor and kristen


She is very ugly!


crazyb, well you gotta accept kstew, bec lately its becoming obvious that they are together. You cut my neck on this! Hahaha! Very obvious! Lolzzz!! All rob's shirts are all wrinkled at the hem, bec of kstew's unending knots fads! Rob's white shirt looks funny during J Stamos party. They are greenest couple in the world. They don't spend too much on clothes! Bravo Robsten!


i wish that people would leave kristen stewart alone she is a very beautiful woman and i cant blame her for what she feels about the paps and for people to hate her is very stupid just because she is with rob they ar just jealous she has the right to be happy and so does he especially if she is who he wants they make a good couple so leave her alone and let her live her life the way she wants to. good luck to both of them. kristen i am very happy for u love you both


Its ridiculous people hate her because she gets to mack robert pattinson, who is hardly anything special.
As for those who hate the way she acts, did you not read the book? She potrays Bella exactly the way it's described.
If I were a celeb or whatnot, I'd also hate the paps, they are cold heartless c you next tuesdays.
Team K-Stew!


I cant stand kristen!! But I love Robert he's a hottie


Let your heart not be troubled Sarah, there are a lot of Kristen Stewart Fans! She is a very sensitive and sweet person from what I have observed, and yes, she is very beautiful! She is young and will make mistakes.(normal) People are just jealous , what we do not hear is what the paps say to her. They are low lifes, bottom feeders. She needs to just keep ignoring the media! Do not give them the time of day! It really bothers them, can't you tell?


Am I the only Kristen Stewart fan


Diana, well said!!~ It's just the fact. I don't know Diana but I am just a fan of Kristen (not paid of course). So sad to see mean & biased jusdgement on Kristen everywhere cuz she's just not willing to conform to typical HW standard.


I don't think the article was given kristen any compliments by asking the questions they did popidol?? but I do think she deserves being on the list because despite all the hate she recieves for standing up for herself which no one else seems to do she is very beautiful!! and what I can't understand is people have talked trash about this girl for over two years and she has not said anything, she has been called bitchface, sourpuss, spoiled etc.... and when she explains the expressions and why she frowns because of what the paps makeup and take pictures and add fake stories to it causing people to hate her, she is damned to death, failure, and all in between??? so you all can talk shit about her! complain she nevers says anything just looks mean... and when she does defend herself and a picture of her and rob and jella is seen.. all hell breaks loose!! hate much people??

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