Rihanna, Travis Barker Join Eminem in Concert

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Last night at the Staples Center, Eminem was joined on stage by Travis Barker, and more significantly by Rihanna for their new song, “Love the Way You Lie.”

“I want to bring out a very special guest with me tonight. California, make Rihanna feel at home ya’ll,” Eminem told the crowd at Activision’s E3 preview event.

The song was one of the leaked Recovery tracks from the rapper's latest album, which features multiple projects with other artists and is earning critical praise.

Check out the live collaboration of superstars below ...

What do you think of "Love the Way You Lie"?


em eminem is actually an amazing rapper and alot better than some of them out there as for rihanna she a good singer and has a great sense of fashion :) love them both


Rihanna mad talented. Sometimes need something funny, but usually dresses like a million dollars. Rihanna is a lady who behaves really well... I seriously see it in public with my own eyes. Hater can continue to hate and I will continue to love Rihanna! There is no confusion in your life, if God wills ... Rihanna made happiness and love from friends.


love rihanna.she's so talented


Eminem is 37 by the way.. a white rapper like you say... I personally cant stand the 40 year old black rapper Jay Z.


I'm sorry but Eminem and Travis Barker are like 40 years old. When are they going to become adults. PS - Really hard to relate to a 40 something white rapper.

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