Jersey Shore Season 2 Trailer: Road Tripping and the Return of Fist-Pumping Glory

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The Situation. J-Woww. Ronnie. Pauly D. Snooki. Sammi. Vinny. That random chick who bailed in the first episode last season but apparently is back now.

The Jersey Shore cast, in all its fake-tanned, steroid-bound glory, returns in its entirety for an all-new season of debauchery on MTV beginning July 29.

A good thing, too - they definitely don't get enough publicity as it is.

We can only imagine what the final tallies for shots taken, police reports filed and bodies cold-cocked on the boardwalk will be in Season 2, starting in Miami.

If there's a city hot enough to handle this collection of hotheads, it's the South Florida paradise, to which the gang road trips to kick off the season.

Then it's back to the northeast once the weather warms up, much to the chagrin of the Garden State, which probably wishes it could revoke visas or something.

Without further ado, here's the Jersey Shore Season 2 trailer. Or as we like to call it, with a nod to Star Wars, Jersey Shore Episode II: Return of the Guidos ...


Julianne M. Etlinger - They are so beautiful and fun! Somehow you esowhd just how much Christina and Tim love each other. I can't tell you how excited I am about the pictures. Can't wait for the wedding to see how those will turn out. Thank you so much for a great job!!!!


All I got to say is I Can't Wait, I Can't Wait, I Can't Wait!


omg. ridiculous.


cant wait for it to come out


watching this show is like watching nascar - you're only in it for the wrecks


This show is such a guilty pleasure. You never want to admit you watch it... but everyone really does!