Tiger Woods Needs Some Oxygen

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By now, you probably know a bit about Tiger Woods' home.

It's on a private street, tire tracks across the lawn, it's got a busted fire hydrant nearby, and may have some nice dings in the decor from 9-iron-wielding wives.

Standard stuff. But Woods' plans for his 12-acre property nearby in Jupiter Island include some surprising details - such as a room devoted to oxygen therapy.

Through his attorney, Woods filed paperwork to begin work on a practice golf course, a series of pools and the oxygen room for his 9,000-square-foot home.

Such rooms typically feature a hyperbaric chamber, which delivers pure oxygen to the body and helps athletes heal injuries and ward off arthritis, fatigue, etc.

Tiger is currently battling a bulging disk in his neck/back.

GETTING SOME AIR: Tiger Woods could really use some.

Tiger Woods has said he has received oxygen treatment in a hyperbaric chamber, which may take a year to complete along with his own practice golf course.

Supposedly, Michael Jackson slept in one in hopes of looking younger, although all the plastic surgeries and chemical addictions might have run counter to it.

The report added that the paperwork offers no indication of who will live at the house, as Tiger sorts out his private life and his divorce from Elin Woods looms.

No divorce papers have been filed, but the drama is already in full swing, with swirling rumors that Elin wants $750 million and no confidentiality agreement.


As much as I abhor what Tiger did as a married man, I have to take issue with the various posters who think Tiger either was not entitled to the money he has earned or that he should give it all away. It has been my experience that those who cry the loudest about rich people not giving enough to those less fortunate have in fact not given a cent themselves. Each of us can give something and what Tiger gives is in a greater proportion to his income than most people I know and I would suspect that if many of our celebrities were not involved in charitable endeavors whether giving money or appearances we would be surprised at the impact it would have on these charities. Most people attend events solely to see the "celebrities" attending them not to actually give time or money themselves. Bravo to Tiger, Andre, and all those who actually give.


To all people: Get a life !
It is his residence and his money, he can build whatever things inside ! I feel it hard to believe that people can be "screaming" there (eg Zaia) as to how other people's wealth should be used ! Even if he decided to throw all the money in the garbage bin, it is his business, and not any of ours ! There are wealthy people who spent much of their wealth during plastic surgery etc etc... Who cares !


Michael Jackson never had an oxygen chamber in his house, that was a rumor started by his manager, Frank DiLeo. MJ was photographed inside the chamber at a hospital where he was treated for burns to his head he got during a pepsi commercial photo shoot when a pyrotechnic display burned his head. I can't believe that people still believe that MJ slept in an oxygen chamber 25 years after this rumor was spread by the National Enquirer. They had a picture of MJ in the chamber on the front page of their 'paper' but the picture was given to them by DiLeo as a publicity stunt.


Ah......the downward spiral to insanity continues.


Melvin sorry but he was not entitled to earn 1 billion $!!!! Are you nuts ??? He's hitting golf balls he didn't cure cancer or save lives for God's sake. This amount of money is beyond INSANE and nobody should get that especially by misleading fans and sponsors.
If he had an ounce of decency he will give back all the money made by lying to his sponsors. Sorry but this guy is a fraud and a phoney.
He should have been banned from the PGA tour. John Daly was banned and he didn't do half the things this pig did and Daly was honest enough to be what he was.


The first thing that came to my mind when I saw the news about Tiger Woods’ oxygen room was Michael Jackson. The more I think about this it appears to me that there are many similarities between Tiger Woods and Michael Jackson. Both, Tiger and Michael, achieved fame, world wide recognition and fortune and are considered to be the best in their respective careers. Both have fallen from grace because of sex scandals of major proportions, lost sponsors and fans and are repudiated by many. Both, Tiger and Michael, seem to have serious emotional issues, trouble accepting they are black, married and fathered children with white women, have trouble sleeping, became addicted to prescriptions medication and both are fans of oxygen therapy. Michael Jackson and Tiger are fanatic about their privacy to the extent in the case of Jackson to be almost a reclusive man. Only time will tell if the similarities of these two famous people will continue!!!


He earned every dime and was entitled to spend it in any way he seen fit. One of his pleasures was making love to an assortment of beautiful women, and Elin was one of them. But she wanted more than being a showcase wife, her price was half his assets. His mistake was in trusting Elin to respect their prenuptial agreement. He refused to meet her demands and that's when the violence began. Poor Tiger he expected her to be satisfied with small change.


He needs a lobotomy !!!!! A truly pathetic sad man but I don't feel sorry for him at all. He's an adult and he knows what he's doing. No excuses here but this money should be used for homeless people for example. But Mr Woods is so selfish he only cares about his own needs in this world.
I wish he could suffer the same way he hurt and caused pain his family. Unlikely to happen because he has no heart and no soul !!!


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