Miley Cyrus Music Video Fashion: The Inside Dish!

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For her controversial "Can't Be Tamed" music video, Miley Cyrus did not turn into a seductive, provocative, unusual peacock overnight. Far from it.

A lot of work went into the transformation, as celebrity makeup artist Denika Bedrossian dishes: “Our inspiration for the video was exotic endangered birds breaking out of their cages; lots of sexy, dark, exotic feathers.”

This included the use of a $25,000 corset on Miley's frame, along with a heavy focus on her eyes. Bedrossian says she applied lashes with real feather tips to Cyrus' peepers - because the singer's eyes are clearly what viewers of this racy video would focus on.

Can Miley Cyrus be tamed? Heck no! Can you purchase this star's eccentric look? Oh yes, at the THG Style Store!

Bedrossian may be the expert, but she emphasizes that Miley was involved in the entire process: “We all collaborated together to create a gothic, edgy, yet feminine bird. She wanted to be a part of every detail.”

Watch Cyrus talk about the video and her style choices in the video below.

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I think it's funny that some people are actually shocked and surprised by this video, and that she turned in to another media sex kitten. I'm pretty sure if any 17 year old girl was given the chance, she'd do the exact same thing. She's 17, she's pretty much sexually devleoped, and biologically that's pretty much taking precedence over any previous beliefs.


wow miley talk bout being weird and acting like an idiot. damm i really thought you could do better


What's funny is that Miley, in an interview discussing this video, said she didn't want to do the typical, stand there and look sexy thing. I find that hilarious. So what does miley do? She dons a corset and does the lie-in bed-sexy thing. Wow, how original and fresh!! Hey, Miley's a pretty girl. She can sing somewhat. But seriously, she needs an education. I mean with all her money and all her people, they need to help not look sooo stupid all of the time. She's 17. Why can't she just be 17. Why the overtly sexual 17 going on 25 thing? I'm not saying she has to be squeeky clean. I get she wants to break free from Disney and Hannah Montana. She's growing up. She wants to express herself. Blah, blah, blah. My issue with this video is that she appear to be trying too hard to be sexy, edgy and hip. It's just not working. It appears to resemble a child's idea of what's sexy. It comes off as pretensious and clumsy. Sorry it's true.


i agree with @Hollywood.......criticisms are very essential (in life and in her field of profession).....but those criticisms should not cross the line.....this line is determined by a variety of, the most important factors r that miley is only 17 and miley is an international all criticisms must be in a suitable way that keeps in mind these factors..... it has been a very long time since people like @Rhonni has commented.....his/her comments do show that (s)he is not a fan of miley......yet, he maintains a level of decency that is seldom seen in this site......most people tend to use words that r not only insulting, but r also deeply hurting.......and i wonder how they can use such words publicly, and even direct them at a girl of minor age publicly......


@Nickjofan: You wanted to know who doesn't agree with what you say here? How about a list? ME,@Mr X,@Sophie,@Xtinafan,and etc...If you want more,that's not a problem. There are a whole bunch of us who DON'T agree with you. And never will...All you're doing is proving my point from my May 9th entry here--so thanks for that.(that's sarcasm by the way,just in case you didn't catch it). You and all the ridiculous one's like you should take some serious time to reflect on the way you think--cause it is malfunctioning like you wouldn't Believe...Miley isn't the one in need of a change---it's you and the one's like you...Later;Hollywood


I need to agree this pidufull from the pidufull poeple ok