Lindsay Lohan Cocaine Pic Sparks Controversy

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“What!?? That's a set up that's so untrue.” - Lindsay Lohan on the image below

In truth, this is Lindsay Lohan's reaction to pretty much anything. Point fingers, blame others, lie through her teeth and live in denial. Whatever works!

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She's already accused her dad of ganking her passport, stranding her in Cannes. But when there's no easy scapegoat around ... just scream "set up!"

The troubled star, already causing problems for the L.A. County penal system by failing to show up in court this week, is now in even more hot water.

A photo surfacing on TMZ showing Lindsay partying with a strange white powder in the foreground could potentially mean more probation violations.

If nothing else, it's another sign Lindsay's going to die if she's not careful:

Lindsay Lohan allegedly does coke with a couple of peeps.

A spokesperson for the L.A. County D.A.'s office says this won't be brought up in court Monday, when Lindsay has been ordered to appear before the judge.

The spokesperson says there is no way the pic can be used in court because you could never prove what was on the table (despite it obviously being coke).

So she's in the clear ... on this one minor issue.

The warrant for her arrest earlier this week was rescinded after she posted bail, but Lohan still has to account for not complying with her probation terms.

Her lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holley, lambasted TMZ and others, saying "It is difficult for Lindsay to get a fair shake because her every move is chronicled by TMZ and others. This creates an unavoidable frenzy around her case."

"It subjects her to a level of scrutiny which non-celebrities do not face."

Maybe so, Shawn, but the train wreck also asks for that scrutiny. Daily.

Lindsay Lohan belongs in ...


Def. cocaine in lines on a mirror with straws [or cigs] in her hand. lmao all of them look so coked out, clenching on their jaws and looking goofy as shit.


shes hot and if i could party my ass off i would be doing the same shit


the coke is in the lines next to the drink cleary its coke why else would you have a white powder in lines and paper or dollar bills rolled in a straw so you could snort something


Freakin fur-hag/coke-whore lol!!


If you are talking about the white spots to the right of the tray with the glass on it, that is a light reflection from either the tray or the glass. Lindsay is doing a good job of falling into the fire on her own, she doesn't need false accusations to fuel the flame


a picture is worth a thousand words
proof positive she is nothing but a drug crazed whore
hope that judge sees this and all the other pictures
real-wishes dot com where wishes become reality


k like clearly why do u guys want the old lindsay to come back,CLEARLY she has fun sniffing coke and fucking up her brain so who gives a fuck life goes on shes not even that special anyways ovbiously her life sucks and coke makes it bettur ohh well some people are fucked right?,likee this girl ovbiously wants to die here SO KILL URSELF ALREADY BRO why you making this so complicated?,u have fucking freckles on ur back lmao and ur a slutt ur sniff cokee and WHO KNOWS what else she does oh god this bitch clearly does not deserve to be a star,like guys think about it shes a dirty coke head right now imagine if she wasnt a star and didnt have all that money she would deffenitely be out selling her body for the money ew CUSTYY HOE like go suck some dick u freckled bitch :)love yah


Will the real Lindsay Lohan please come back? This down and out,dazed and confused look-a-alike is someone I do not recognize.


ME, I see a couple of them behind her drink sitting on the table. Looks like a couple of lines of coke to me. That or maybe it's meth. Either way, Ugh. I'm afraid the inside of her nose is going to end upwith a mass of tumors if she doesn't stop sticking powders up her nostrils.


What?! that bitch told me she didn't have any left!


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