Lady Gaga Amputated Leg Rumor: Debunked!

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It was a quality celebrity rumor: Lady Gaga had a leg amputated below the knee just 'cause she thought it'd be cool and "different." Sadly, it's not true.

Well, fortunately is more like it.

Totally Gaga

Despite reports that this is "accurate and based on facts," and she dropped the bombshell "whilst hopping around the studio," don't believe the hype.

The Lady Gaga hermaphrodite rumor, however? That we leave to you to draw conclusions on. The pics are more conclusive than her "peg leg" ones.

Hilariously, the Fame singer's record-label rep was actually asked him to confirm, deny or clear up the leg amputation rumor, and finally replied Saturday:

"It's not true," the rep said.

Lady Gaga: Two legs to stand on. This rumor: Zero.

It's surprising it even made this far and a rep addressed it. No "Exclusive: Lady Gaga Amputates Leg" headlines on any reputable site was one clue.

As was the lack of any doctored Lady Gaga pictures looking even remotely real. Besides, when would the alleged operation have even happened?

Lady Gaga is a touring machine, most recently taping a performance for American Idol. The girl hops around, but only figuratively.

Not to mention the logistical and ethical impossibility of a doctor doing this: "I do not know any country or any location where this has happened, or would be considered legally or ethically correct," sums up one plastic surgeon.

Finally, a suggestion for rumor-starters: Next time, say if it's the left or right leg and throw in more medical "details." Makes it more convincing ... and funny.

As for how this got started, Lady Gaga's amputated leg is the work of Britain's Daily Squib, which posted a peg-leg photo and an article about Gaga's "new look."

The April 24 piece was meant as a satire, but peeps actually ran with it. Nice work!


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It is so sad.. That people would actually sit and listen to this crap. Just because someone is "different" and has odd styles. yeah it makes total sense, "Hey everyone i had my leg cut off because it is cool and fashionable." I mean watch her live, when she dances. I dont care how much physical therapy anyone has had, anyone with an amputated leg could never dance and move like that. Also, oh was that a bulge??? I believe you can look up pics where you can see a tampon string hanging out of her panties. Just think before you actually believe RUMORS.


watch, this one is actually true. when she removes her peg leg and smashes it into a thousand pieces on stage at the VMAs, all the doubters will be silenced.


Haha, I think I know exactly where the idea for this rumor originated. Key of Awesome's Bad Romance parody on Youtube, where the fictitious "Lord Gaga" cuts off part of his arm as a "fashion choice".


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